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Three Percent

It is said that you only need three percent of the population to start a revolution – that’s all it takes to wake up, change things and make a difference.

The Mosaic Rooms and Phakama have teamed up to deliver a new project entitled Three Percent. Working with women aged 16-25 the project aims to explore issues that affect daily lives in London through theatre and art. Drawing inspiration from Tunisian artist Nadia Kaabi-Linke’s new exhibition, The Future Rewound & The Cabinet of Souls, Three Percent will respond to the themes of the artist’s work: restriction, confinement and freedom. It will creatively explore ideologies of capitalism and colonialism and the unseen systems that control our daily lives. The project will culminate in a special showcase performance at The Mosaic Rooms on 29 November.

Sessions exploring these themes have already begun, below are a few pictures.

phakama 5



phakama 3

phakama 4


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