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VIDEO: Anne Senstad’s Time Beyond Place

Time Beyond Place is a project established in 2016 by New York-based Norwegian artist Anne Senstad. Initially conceived as a research project in Abha, Southern Saudi Arabia, Senstad went on to create a cross cultural exchange platform for women artists, involving artist and The Mosaic Rooms alumni Zahrah Al-Ghamdi, to collaborate on art workshops and exhibitions.

Given some of the local restrictions placed on women, the project has taken the theme of preservation of cultural heritage and developed with a focus on the vernacular tradition of Asiri, women-only artisanal practice of Qut wall painting and architectural preservation.

The Asiri Qut wall painting tradition found in Asir is a form of geometric colourful wall painting inside the interiors of homes, that reflects a personal and tribal history, narratives and protection of the family domain.

A live audio recording of Senstad’s recent talk at The Mosaic Rooms, where she discussed some of her work and practice with the collective, can be found here.

The video below is a trailer to a longer video installation which is part of Senstad’s exhibition currently on show until October 7, at K4 Galleri, in Oslo.

Teaser TIME BEYOND PLACE from annesenstad on Vimeo.

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