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“Yet the horizon is so free, it exists no longer”



I made these 63 drawings in a state of great paralysis this July in Beirut

Today, this paralysis is that of the entire world

Paralysis of meaning

Paralysis of thought

Yet the horizon is so free, it exists no longer

Yes I want to show intimacy in my drawings

The intimacy of the fear of others

Of that which is afraid to appear

Don’t consider the one who looks like a voyeur, for through his vision he completes

the form to be seen

Taking shape until infinity, at that same moment when the seeing and the blind eye

Exchange a look

My fingers’ nervousness creates the invisible

Emptiness and silence offer up movement

With the urgency to draw

My head detaches itself from the rest

And emptiness comes to me

And to the other, words


London, October 2013

Lawand: Equinox, From Beirut to London is now on at The Mosaic Rooms.

Open Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm, Entrance Free

This exhibition is part of the Nour Festival of Arts

Associated events include: Poetry From Art-Writing the Body workshop, and Art & Poetry artist’s talk.

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