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Call for solidarity

As we watch the continuing destruction and devastation occurring in Palestine, we cannot stand by in silence. We urge you to consider the values we cherish and how we can translate them into meaningful action.

The disproportionate violence that Israel is currently waging on Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel is indiscriminate, inhumane, and illegal. Israel is a nuclear superpower, with the fifth largest military in the world. Palestinians are a stateless, almost entirely unarmed, civilian population. We thus refuse to describe this situation as a ‘conflict’ between ‘two sides’, a language which obscures the grossly unequal death toll, destruction, and devastation that Palestinians are inevitably forced to endure. 

We also call on you to take note of Human Rights Watch’s recent report which concluded that Israeli authorities “have dispossessed, confined, forcibly separated, and subjugated Palestinians by virtue of their identity to varying degrees of intensity”, such conduct amounting to crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.

As cultural institutions, we are deeply disturbed by the violent targeting of our Palestinian partners and colleagues who are critical of Israeli oppression and by the destruction of Palestinian schools in Gaza and the ransacking of cultural spaces, including the Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research in Bethlehem. Wala’ Sbeit, a musician, was beaten and put under house arrest in Haifa for taking part in a demonstration; Mohammad El-Kurd, a poet and resident of Sheikh Jarrah, detained for no other reason than speaking publicly against Israeli threats to his family home.

We also note the power of language, its ability to gloss over state-sanctioned violence, and its role in normalizing occupation, institutionalizing colonialism, and erasing history. A case in point is the use of ‘evictions’ in reference to the removal of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem and how it deliberately misdirects from the reality of the Israeli occupation and the illegal displacement and dispossession of Palestinians from their homes. 

As we have stood in solidarity with the protests for black lives over the past year, as we have called for the decolonisation of our institutions, we must surely now extend our struggle against racism and colonialism to the defense of the Palestinians. It is morally incumbent upon us as artists and cultural workers to do so.

Now actions, as well as words, are needed. As an artist, writer, thinker or worker in an institution, you have the agency to share information and to implement change. We therefore ask you to commit to the following actions in support of the Palestinian people:

– Learn: read and share resources on Palestine. For example: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Gaza (PCHR Gaza), Al Haq Palestinian human rights organisation based in Ramallah, Adalah legal centre for Arab minority rights in Israel, Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre.

– Refuse: funding from the Israeli government and from private funders who support its illegal occupation.

– Language: use terms which make visible the Palestinian experience, including Palestine, occupation, dispossession, ethnic cleansing, settler colonialism, and apartheid.

– Lobby your MP or local representatives to pressure and sanction Israel until it adheres to international law.

– Open: your programme and your collection to artists, collectives, initiatives and galleries who are led by non-mainstream or radical voices, including artists in Palestine, and fund and support their participation.

– Solidarity: share this letter and your public statement (personal and institutional) with your networks; if you are an artist, ask the institutions who hold your work or with whom you work to support it, and share it with your institution’s audiences as widely as possible.

– Write: cover work by marginalised or radical voices, including Palestinian ones.

Support this call: email info@mosaicrooms.org, confirming your name, title and organisation (if applicable).



Ab-Anbar Gallery
Arab British Centre
aria, Artist residency (London/Algiers)
Array Collective
Artists for Palestine UK
Arts Canteen
Arts Catalyst
Banat Collective
Barjeel Art Foundation
BDZ (Boycott Divest Zabludowicz)
Beirut Art Residency (BAR)
Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S.)
Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia University (New York City)
Comma Press
Counterpoints Arts
Culture Art Society (CAS)
Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture
DEMO Moving Image Experimental Politics
Designers + Cultural Workers (United Voices of the World)
Dhaqan collective, Arts collective
Dhakira Collective (Montréal)
Disarming Design from Palestine
ElZi Collective
Executive Committee of the National Association for the Teaching of Drama
Fehras Publishing Practices, Artist collective
Gignoux Photos
Guerrilla Girls
HOUSING, Gallery (New York)
Jupiter Woods
Khidr Collective
Languid Hands
Liverpool Arab Arts Festival
London Palestine Film Festival
LUX Scotland
Mena Arts UK
Migrants in Culture
Mil Ke Chai
Mimosa House
mother tongues
Muslim Women in Architecture
Naqsh Collective
Obsidian Coast
OPPA for Research and Architecture, a collective founded by Saba Innab & Nuha Innab
Osservatorio Futura, Art research center (Turin)
P21 Gallery
PAGE NOT FOUND, Space for Publishing as Artistic Practice
Platform 28 for Art and Architecture
Qalqalah, Editorial and curatorial platform
Rabbits Road Press
Rawiyat Collective
RESOLVE Collective
Rodeo, Gallery (London, Piraeus)
Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal
Southwark Park Galleries
Sumac Space – Art Practices of the Middle East
Theatrum Mundi
The Kamel Lazaar Foundation (Tunisia)
The Mosaic Rooms
The Otolith Group
The Palestinian Museum
The Parity Front
The Scorpios
Tribe Magazine
Visible Justice
Visitor Welcome Center, Art space
Visual Arts South West

Nella Aarne, Co-Director, Obsidian Coast
Pooya Abbasian, Artist
Laila Abdul-Hadi Jadallah, Art Producer, Curator & Researcher
Ahmed AbdulMageed, Film Programs Coordinator, Mizna
Hassan Abdulrazzak, Playwright
Noor Abed, Artist
Feras Abo Dabboseh, Director or Lagrange Points (Brussels)
Noor Abuarafeh, Artist
Lila Abu-Lughod, Professor of Anthropology & Gender Studies, Columbia University
Bisan Abu-Eisheh, Artist/Researcher, CREAM, University of Westminster
Reema Abu Hassan, Founding Director, Clay Encounters
Lamia Abukhadra, Communications Coordinator, Mizna
Ma’an Abu Taleb, Writer
Gilbert Achcar, Professor, SOAS, University of London
Larry Achiampong, Artist
Samara Addai, not/nowhere
Adonis, Poet
Greta Agosti, Artist
Daniela Agostinho, Researcher & curator
Ali Ahadi, Artist & Art Lecturer, University of British Columbia
Hamja Ahsan, Artist & Writer, Shy Radicals
Nahla Al-Ageli, Freelance Journalist + Blogger
Raghad Alali, Architect
Sara Alansari, Conceptual photographer
Khalid Albaih, Political Cartoonist & Cultural producer, Fadaa
Ammiel Alcalay, Writer & scholar
Salwa Aleryani, ArtistBashar Alhroub, Visual Artist
Lulwa Al Homoud, Artist, LAHAF Art Foundation
Asmaa Al-Issa, Artist
Laila Alj, Artist
Aysha Almoayyed, Artist
Hoor Al-Qasimi, Director, Sharjah Art Foundation (Sharjah)
Abrar Alqayem, Head of media & communications, Athr Gallery
Emii Alrai, Artist
Sama Alshaibi, Artist
Asmaa Al-Shabibi, Director, Lawrie Shabibi
Azza Alsharif, Artist (Kuwait)
Aseel AlYaqoub, Artist
Francis Alÿs, Artist
Heba Y. Amin, Artist
Kitty Anderson, Director, LUX Scotland
Sepake Angiama, Artistic Director, Institute of International Visual Arts
Alessio Antoniolli, Director, Gasworks & Triangle Network
Olfa Arfaoui, La Fabrique Art Studio
Naziha Arebi, Artist & filmmaker
Adjoa Armah, Researcher, Afterall & Associate Lecturer, Central Saint Martins & Founder, Saman Archive
Omer Asim Jamal, Creative director
Maria Askew, Head of Theatre for Community and Education, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts
Mehraneh Atashi, Artist
Yasmin Atassi, Director, Green Art Gallery Dubai
Susu Attar, Artist
David Austen, Artist
Dana Awartani, Artist
Shaima Ayoub, Photographer & researcher
Negar Azimi, editor in chief, Bidoun
Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, Brown University
Louisa Babari, Artist
Rayya Badran, Writer
Samira Badran, Visual artist
Manca Bajec, Artist & scholar
Ansar Bakir, Founder & creative director shakomakokultur
Djordje Balmazovic, Artist, Škart
Zeina Baltagi, Director of Programming & Outreach for Coaxial Arts
Sohaila Baluch, Artist
Mirna Bamieh, Artist & chef, Palestine Hosting Society
Lana Salah Barkawi, Executive & Artistic Director, Mizna
Laura Barlow, Senior Curator, Qatar Museums
Matusa Barros, Artist
Dia Batal, Artist
Beau Beausoleil, Poet & Founder of Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here
Sarah Beddington, Artist & Filmmaker
Bahar Behbahani, Artist
Ramia Beladel, Visual artist (Morocco)
Hanan Benammar, Artist
Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi, Curator (Brussels)
Meriam Bennani, Artist
Katy Rose Bennett, Musician & artist (Birmingham)
Mamia Bretesché, Exhibition curator
Gala Berger, Artist & curator (Lima, Peru)
Tomà Berlanda, Professor of Architecture, University of Cape Town
Omar Berrada, Writer & curator
Sam Beste, Musician
Kitty Bew, Founder & exhibition organiser, Nadir Project Space
Dilpreet Bhullar, Editor & writer
Laura Bianchi, Visual Artist
David Birkin, Artist
Amahl Bishara, Anthropology, Tufts University
Nour Bishouty, Artist
Zach Blas, Artist
Char Boden, Executive Director, The Queer House
Silvia Bombardini, Writer, Lecturer RCA & PhD Researcher, Goldsmiths, University of London
Osei Bonsu, Curator, International Art, Tate Modern
Allan Boston, Artist
Phoebe Boswell, Artist
Lizzi Bougatsos, Artist & Musician, TRAMPS (New York)
Charbel-joseph H. Boutros, Artist
Fiona Bradley, Director, Fruitmarket (Edinburgh)
Mishelle Brito, reACT Programme Manager & curator
Victoria Brittain, Writer
Adam Broomberg, Artist
Dr Bernadette Buckley, Convenor of the MA in Art & Politics, Politics Department, Goldsmiths, University of London
Fortunata Calabro, Researcher & curator
Judith Carlton, Director, Southwark Park Galleries
Deborah Chadbourn, Executive Director, Artsadmin
Tamara Chalabi, Ruya Foundation for Contemporary Culture in Iraq
Alice Channer, Artist
Reem Charif, Researcher and Academic, Febrik
Shohini Chaudhuri, Professor, Department of Literature, Film & Theatre Studies, University of Essex
Sabeen Chaudhry, Writer, researcher & programmer
Ali Cherri, Artist
Shaista Chishty, Photographer & Visual Artist
Adam Chodzko, Artist
Lubna Chowdhary, Artist
Jenny Christensson, Curator
Alessandra Cianetti, Founder & Curator, performingborders
Agata Cieslak, Artist (Warsaw)
Edmund Clark, Artist
Ami Clarke, Artist & founder of Banner Repeater
Cairo Clarke, SITE Projects
Laura Clarke, Artistic Director – Joint CEO, Arts Catalyst
David Cleary, L&E Curatorial Fellow at MOSTYN
Simon Coates, Founder Tse Tse Fly Middle East
Benjamin Cook, Director, LUX
Julianne Cordray, Co-founder, textur
James Costanzo, Adjunct Associate Professor Pratt Institute (NYC)
Molly Crabapple, Artist & author
Sascha Crasnow, Lecturer, Islamic Arts, University of Michigan
Jamie Crewe, Artist
Lydia CS, Artist
Selma Dabbagh, Writer
Dexter Dalwood, Artist
Catherine David, Art historian & curator
Rachel Dedman, Jameel Curator, V&A
Simindokht Dehghani, Owner & Director of Ag Galerie
Juan delGado, Artist (London)
Jeremy Deller, Artist
T. J. Demos, Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Helen de Witt, Film lecturer, curator, writer, consultant
Amina Diab, PhD Researcher, University of York
Emilio Distretti, Researcher, writer & educator, University of Basel
Marina Doritis, Producer, Artangel
Monika Dorniak, Interdisciplinary Artist & curator
Manal Al Dowayan, Artist
Anthony Downey, Editor & Writer
Milena Dragicevic, Artist
Bryony Dunne, Artist
Nermine El Ansari, Visual artist (Iceland)
Nedda El-Asmar, Designer & Silversmith
Yasmine El Dorghamy, Publisher & Editor, Rawi – Egypt’s Heritage Review
Lorén Elhili, Independent Curator
Lucy Ellinson, Actor & Theatremaker
Jessica El Mal, Artist & curator
Thomas Ellmer, Assistant Curator, Ikon Gallery
Taghreed Elsanhouri, Filmmaker
Nadia El-Sebai, Executive Director, The Arab British Centre
Mohamed Elshahed, Cairobserver
Paige Emery, Co-Director of The Future Left
Sarah Entwistle, Artist
Charles Esche, Director, Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven)
Golnaz Esmaili, Artist
Merv Espina, Artist-researcher
Kareem Estefan, Writer
Gareth Evans, Adjunct Moving Image Curator, Whitechapel Gallery
Gavin Everall, Director, Bookworks
Reem Fadda, Curator
Shirin Fahimi, Artist
Gareth Fakhry, Sugarlicks (New Zealand)
Alia Farid, Artist
Adam Faramawy, Artist
Alia Fattouh, Co-Founder, TandemWorks
Mayssa Fattouh, Curator
Arash Fayez, Artist
Parnian Ferdossi, Artist & Associate Lecturer
Alec Finlay, Artist
Aline Fischer, Author & Filmmaker
iLiana Fokianaki, Artistic Director, State of Concept
Eloise Fornieles, Artist
Juan R. Fuentes, Chicano artist
Wafa Gabsi, archivart
Natasha Gasparian, Art historian & curator
Mona Gazala, Postcolonial Art & Research (Ohio)
Raymond Gemayel, Artist
Mariam Ghani, Artist
Nida Ghouse, Writer & curator
Beatrice Gibson, Artist & filmmaker
Dr Gaia Giuliani, Academic, CES, University of Coimbra (Portugal)
Alan Gignoux, Photographer
Phaedra Glass, Artist & owner of Phaedra Glass, Curator of Owl Gallery (Frome)
Róise Goan, Artistic Director, Artsadmin
Nasim Goli, Visual artist
Dr Nasser Golzari, Co-founder Palestine Regeneration Team (UK)
Chema Gonzalez, Curator & programmer, Museo Reina Sofia
Geir Goosen, Graphic designer
Avery Gordon, Writer, educator radio producer
Elizabeth Graham, Curator
Dr Ros Gray, Department of Art, Goldsmiths, University of London
Nicola Gray, Artist, writer & editor
Leanne Green, Curator, The Whitworth
Ellen Greig, Curator, Chisenhale Gallery
Rahul Gudipudi, Exhibitions Curator, Art Jameel
Alice Guthrie, Translator
Laura Gutiérrez, Ethnic Studies, The University of Texas at Austin
Laila Tara H, Artist
Elie A. Habib a.k.a Siska, Visual artist & musician
Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi, Curator, Mahmoud Darwish Chair
Olivier Hadouchi, Independent Film curator & Researcher (Paris)
Mohamad Hafeda, Artist & academic, Febrik
Yasmin Hafesji, Theatre Director
Inas Halabi, Artist
Shoghig Halajian, Co-Director, Human Resources LA
Malu Halasa, Writer & editor
Omar Robert Hamilton, Palestine Festival of Literature
Nermine Hammam, Artist
Isabelle Hancock, Deputy Director, Chisenhale Gallery
Laura Hanna, Artist & founding member of MENA Arts UK
Sara Haq, Artist
Becky Harrison, Communications & Events Manager, The Arab British Centre
Isma Gul Hasan, Illustrator & artist
Amani Hassan, Programme Director, The Arab British Centre
Amelia Hawk, Artist and EOP & Public Programmer, Eastside Projects
Christina Hazboun, MARSM
Aya Abu Hawash, Visual/ Fine Artist
Louise Heem, Actress & director
Charles Heller, Researcher & filmmaker, Forensic Oceanography
Dakota Higgins, Artist
Nadia Hijab, Author & Human Rights advocate
Laura Hindmarsh, Artist
Natasha Hoare, Curator & Writer
Paul Hobson, Director, Modern Art Oxford
Elizabeth M. Holt, Associate Professor of Arabic, Bard College
Erin Honeycutt, Writer
Lama Hourani, Designer & cultural entrepreneur
Andreja Hribernik, Curator & director of Koroška galerija likovnih umetnosti, Slovenj Gradec
Iris Yirei Hu, Artist
Beth Hughes, Curator, Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre
Amber Husain, Research fellow & editor, Afterall, Central Saint Martins, University of the
Arts London
Dr Nesreen N. Hussein, Artist & Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University
Roaa Hussein, Operations Director, Athr Gallery
Jeremy Hutchison, Artist & Director of Kunsthallo
Sahar Ibrahim, Architectural Assistant at Resolve Collective & MA Architecture student, UAL
Evan Ifekoya, Artist
Shona Illingworth, Artist
Saba Innab, Architect & Artist
Platon Issaias, Architect
Rand Abdul Jabbar, Artist
Amir Jadidi, Photographer
Omer Asim Jamal, Creative Director, Omer Asim
Katia Jarjoura, Filmmaker
Adele Jarrar, Independent cultural worker
Khaled Jarrar, Artist
Mohammed Joha, Artist
Eliel Jones, Freelance Writer & Curator
Laura Jones, Cultural Heritage Preservation Lead, V&A South Kensington
Nadia Jones, Retail Manager, South London Gallery
Daniela Jorge, Researcher (Portugal)
Kyran Joughin, Writer & Secretary of UCU, University of the Arts London
Hettie Judah, Writer & art critic (London)
Marwan Kaabour, Artist
Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Artist
Haya Kaabneh, Artist (Palestine)
Huma Kabakci, Founding Director, Open Space
Hayv Kahraman, Artist
Masood Kamandy, Artist
Areej Kaoud, Independent Palestinian artist & writer
Helen Kaplinsky, Independent Curator & Researcher
Ghada Karmi, Writer
Sohrab Kashani, Founding Director, Sazmanab
Rawan Kashkoush, Director & Founder of beyyn
Ruba Katrib, Curator
Helene Kazan, Artist
Lois Keidan, Director, Live Art Development Agency
Dr Klara Kemp-Welch, Reader, The Courtauld Institute
kennardphillipps, Artists
Amal Khalaf, Director of Programmes, Cubitt
Mahmoud Khaled, Artist
Fuad Khalid, Logistic officer, Athr Gallery
Hannah Khalil, Playwright & Screenwriter
Farzana Khan, Director of the Olive Tree
Nahid Khan, Board member of Mizna
Michel Khleifi, Film director
Hamed Khosravi, Architectural Association School of Architectural (London)
Almir Koldzic, Director, Counterpoints Arts
Karen Kramer, Artist
Adrian Kreutz, Political theorist, New College Oxford
Agnieszka Kurant, Artist
Léopold Lambert, Editor-in-chief of The Funambulist
Line Langebek, Screenwriter
Quinn Latimer, Writer (Basel/Athens)
Houda Lazrak, Arts Administrator
Delphine Leccas, Curator, AIN
Mark Leckey, Artist
Robert Leckie, Director, Spike Island
Rose Lejeune, Curator
Taylor Le Melle, not/nowhere
Michael Leung, Artist
Simon Leung, Artist
Soren Lind, Writer & filmmaker
Timo Linke, Sociologist
Marianna Liosi, Independent curator, founder of Between Broadcast-Workshop & lecturer.
Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky, Professorial Research Associate, SOAS, University of London
Maya Louhichi, Artist photographer
Daniel Lowe, Curator, British Library
Maha Maamoun, Artist
Azar Mahmoudian, Curator
Jens Maier-Rothe, Film producer & writer (Berlin)
Sulaïman Majali, Artist
Natalia Majluf, Art historian & curator
Hanaa Malallah, Artist
Shereen Malherbe, Author
Orsod Malik, Digital Archivist, Curator & Editor
Tarini Malik, Curator, Hayward Gallery
Flavia Malusardi, Independent curator & writer, columnist at Osservatorio Futura
Seema Manchanda, Managing Director, The Showroom
Jumana Manna, Artist
Guy Mannes-Abbott, Author & Critic
Jennifer Martin, not/nowhere
Patricia Martín, Curator
Federica Martini, Head of Visual Arts, EDHEA, The Valais School of Art (CH)
Lillian Mascarenhas, Gallery Coordinator, Contemporary Art Platform (Kuwait)
Hagar Masoud, Artist (Egypt)
Heather Masoud, Director, Zaytoun
Dina Matar, Academic
Rania Matar, Artist & photographer
Salman Matinfar, Founding Director, Ab-Anbar Gallery
Raffaella Matrone, Curator
Christiaan May, Documentary photographer (Shropshire)
Colm McAuliffe, Writer & Curator, Birkbeck, University of London; Kingston School of Art
Sarah McCrory, Director, Goldsmiths CCA
Ellen McDougall, Artistic Director, Gate Theatre
Francis McKee, Director, CCA Glasgow
Marie-Anne McQuay, Curator
Nuria Medina, Coordinator of Culture, Casa Árabe
Mariam Mekiwi, Filmmaker
Amina Menia, Artist
Caitlin Merrett King, Lunchtime Gallery
Jeremy Millar, Artist
Seda Mimaroglu, Writer
Dina Mimi, Artist
Paola Minoia, Senior lecturer, University of Helsinki
Zinzi Minott, Artist
Anusha Mistry, Operations Coordinator, Chisenhale Gallery
Nour Mobarak, Artist
Myriam Mouflih, Curator
Aya Mousawi, Independent Cultural Producer
Michel Moushabeck, Writer, editor, publisher & musician
Sally Moussawi, not/nowhere
Dia Mrad, Photographer & Artist
Gil Mualem-Doron, Artist (UK)
Fraser Muggeridge, Founder of Fraser Muggeridge Studio
Ibrahim Muhtadi, Artist & Designer
Huma Mulji, Artist
Nat Muller, Curator, Writer, PhD researcher
Hassan Musa, Artist & writer
Patricia Musa, Research worker & writer
Moad Musbahi, Artist
Fatmir Mustafa-Karllo, Artist
Sarah Jamal Naim, Artist
Yasmina Naji, Founding Director, Kulte Center for Contemporary Art & Edition (Rabat)
Monica Narula, Artist (New Delhi)
Hammad Nasar, Curator, Writer & strategic advisor
Rosalind Nashashibi, Artist
Dala Nasser, Artist
Perwana Nazif, Writer & curator
Simina Neagu, Programme & Operations Coordinator, Iniva
Dalia Neis, Writer, Musician & Educator
Joshua Nierodzinski, Artist & Co-Founder of HEKLER
Helen Nisbet, Artistic Director, Art Night
Hana Noorali, Curator, Writer & Editor
Bahar Noorizadeh, Artist & Educator, Goldsmiths University of London
Minou Norouzi, Artist & researcher
Els Opsomer, Visual Artist, Coordinator Master Photography, Tutor Visual Arts, Luca School of Arts (Brussel)
Sally O’Reilly, Writer
Uriel Orlow, Artist
Wen-chin Ouyang, Professor of Arabic & Comparative Literature, SOAS University of London
Dipesh Pandya, Artist
Daniel Fernández Pascual, Co-founder Cooking Sections
Catherine Pawson, Co-founder Zaytoun CIC
Rïse Peacock, Artist & Educator
Dr Didem Pekun, Filmmaker & lecturer
Miranda Pennell, Artist & filmmaker
Ana Cristina Pereira (aka Kitty Furtado), researcher, CES, University of Coimbra
Ignacio Perez Meruane, Artist
Lorenzo Pezzani, Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Annie Pfingst, Independent artist & scholar (UK/ Australia)
Franziska Pierwoss, Artist (Berlin)
Bojana Piškur, Curator, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
Rachel Pimm, Artist
Madeleine Pledge, Artist
Elizabeth Price, Artist
Jelena Prljevic, Artist
Nataša Prljevic, Artist & co-founder of HEKLER
Alice Procter, Art historian & writer
Paul Purgas, Artist & Musician
Matilda Pye, Cultural Producer & PhD Student, University of Northumbria/ Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
Mahshid Rafiei, Artist
Sunny Rahbar, Co-Founder, The Third Line (Dubai)
Sadek Rahim, Artist (Algeria)
Prateek Raja, Director, Experimenter
Priyanka Raja, Director, Experimenter
Michael Rakowitz, Artist
Habda Rashid, Curator
Solafa Rawas, Curator & artist liaison, Athr gallery (Jeddah)
Chris Rawcliffe, Artistic Director, Forma Arts
Anahita Razmi, Artist
Yasmina Reggad, Independent curator, performance artist, writer & researcher
Ainslie Roddick, Artistic Director, ATLAS Arts
Rebecca Romani, Writer/reviewer Vanguard Culture & Film academic, San Diego State University & Artist & Curator
Naomi Russell, Independent producer & advisor
Stéphanie Saadé, Artist
Mohammad Sabaaneh, Artist
Reman Sadani, Artist
Mustafa Said, Musician & Composer
Farideh Sakhaeifar, Artist
Muhammad Salah, Photographer
Rasha Salah, Curator & Co-founder, Beirut Contemporary art space
Ruba Salameh, Palestinian Artist (Berlin)
Farah Saleh, Dancer & Choreographer
Somar Sallam, Visual artist & illustrator
Rasha Salti, Freelance Curator
Sam Samiee, Artist
Anna Santomauro, Curator, Arts Catalyst
Nina Sarnelle, Artist
Alaa Satir, Artist
Aura Satz, Artist
Lara Sawalha, Actor
Zoë Sawyer, Offsite Curator, Eastside Projects
Raquel Schefer, Researcher & Filmmaker, Sorbonne Nouvelle University
Dr. Susan Schuppli, Reader & Director, Centre for Research Architecture
Alon Schwabe, Co-founder Cooking Sections
Dr Kenza Sefrioui, Publisher
Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Artist (Delhi)
Massinisa Selmani, Artist
Sara Shaarawi, Playwright
Reem M. Shadid, Cultural organiser & Curator
Setareh Shahbazi, Artist (Berlin)
Sueraya Shaheen, Photographer
Nizan Shaked, Professor of Contemporary Art History, Museum and Curatorial Studies (Cal State Long Beach)
Elhum Shakerifar, Producer, curator, writer, Hakawati (UK)
Tai Shani, Artist
Dr Yara Sharif, Co- founder Palestine Regeneration Team (UK)
Amy Sharrocks, Artist
Bahia Shehab, Artist & Professor for Design, The American University Cairo
Firas Shehadeh, Artist
Ahlam Shibli, Artist
Daniela Shreir, Editor, Another Gaze & Programmer, Another Screen
Corinne Silva, Artist
Nastassja Simensky, Artist & Treasurer, Artists’ Union England
Himali Singh Soin, Artist
Eyal Sivan, Filmmaker (France)
Marion Slitine, Researcher, Mucem/Ehess
John Smith, Artist, Emeritus Professor of Fine Art, University of East London
Cherry Smyth, Poet & lectyrer
Robert Yerachmiel Sniderman, Artist & poet
Piedad Solans, Art historian, writer & curator
Ahdaf Soueif, Author
Nasser Soumi, Artist
Praneet Soi, Artist (Amsterdam/Kolkata)
Ilaria Speri, Curator, Fantom (Milan)
Joy Stacey, writer, filmmaker & PhD researcher
Lucy Steeds, Afterall and TrAIN, University of the Arts London
Rhea Storr, not/nowhere
River Sultan, Palestinian Artist
Soraya Syed, Artist, Calligrapher & founder of Art of the Pen
Una Szeemann, Artist
Nahla Tabbaa, Artist
Lara Tabet, Artist
Anne Tallentire, Artist
Nailah Taman, Program Director
Serra Tansel, Artist
Juan Telleria, Researcher, University of the Basque Country
Sam Thorne, Director, Nottingham Contemporary
Alex Thorp, Curator
Chrissie Tiller, Writer
Chloe Ting, Project Manager, Afterall
Oraib Toukan, Artist (Berlin)
Christine Tohme, Director of Ashkal Alwan
Olga Touloumi, Writer, historian & architect, Bard College
Salma Tuqan, Deputy Director, Delfina Foundation
Basel Turjuman, Projects Manager, Athr Gallery
Sonia Uddin, Artist
Amalia Ulman, Artist
Toby Upson, Art Writer (Worker), Sonic Support Group
Fatos Ustek, Independent Curator & Writer
Murtaza Vali, Adjunct Curator, Jameel Arts Centre
Maria van der Togt, Artist & theorist, Sandberg institute
Nicolas Vermot-Petit-Outhenin, Co-Responsables de MAPS & EDHEA
Jo Verrent, Consultant and producer
Astrid Vorstermans, Publisher
Hajra Waheed, Artist
Mark Wallinger, Artist
Becky Warnock, Artist
Odessa Warren, Research Coordinator, Tate Modern
Jonathan Watkins, Director, Ikon Gallery
Hannah Watson, Director, TROLLEY BOOKS
Rob Soler Watson, Visual Artist & Curator
Stephen Watts, Poet
Kathy Wazana, Writer & filmmaker
Eyal Weizman
Dawn Weleski, Artist, Co-founder & Co-director Conflict Kitchen
Jack Welsh, Festival Programme Manager, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival
Aysha White, Artist
Zoé Whitley, Curator
Michelle Williams Gamaker, Artist & Lecturer in BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths
Zadie Xa, Artist
Nabla Yahya, Artist & writer
Abderrahim Yamou, Artist Painter
Catherine Yass, Artist
Raed Yassin, Artist & Musician
Ryat Yezbick, Artist
Carey Young, Artist
Azadeh Zaferani, Founding Director, Platform 28 for Art & Architecture
Abbas Zahedi, Artist
Yahya Zaloom, Director, P21 Gallery
Khalid Ziadah, MARSM
Samar Ziadat, Director & Founder, Dardishi
Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Artist
Tirdad Zolghadr, Artistic Director, Sommerakademie Paul Klee

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