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Photographer Andrew Cross will reflect on his experience of travelling to Mogadishu in July 2013 to create the photographs for the exhibition Mogadishu-Lost Moderns. In his discussion with Michaela Crimmin, director of Culture and Conflict, and photographer Eugenie Dolberg, Cross will talk about the role of photography and the photographer, and the issues of visual representation of conflict sites. He will also give further insight into the experience of taking the photographs in an urban environment where mobility is restricted, as well as his perspective on what the images of these forgotten buildings tell us, both about what has been and what could be.

Andrew Cross is well-known for his photographic and film-based explorations of structure and place. His video-based works have achieved critical acclaim, including being shortlisted for the 2004 Beck’s Futures Prize. Cross is Associate Lecturer in Photography at Southampton Solent University and a visiting tutor in Architecture at a number of UK Universities.

Michaela Crimmin is co-director of Culture+Conflict, an independent curator, and is on the academic staff of the Royal College of Art. She was Head of Arts at the RSA from 1997 to 2010, a role that included initiating and directing the RSA Arts & Ecology Centre.

Eugenie Dolberg is a British photographer and photojournalist who has spent time in Iraq and Syria. She is the founder of Open Shutters, a project which trains women from all over Iraq to share their experience of the war and occupation using photographs and writing.

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