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Exhibiting Africa

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Through a series of short archival film screenings, Dr Tom Rice will chart and examine the varied uses of film in early twentieth century colonial exhibitions, looking in particular at on screen representations of Africa. This evening of screenings and discussion will offer a fascinating overview of these exhibitions and the mixed ways in which film figured in them.

As well as examining the use of film in colonial exhibitions of the twentieth century, the evening’s discussion will also offer greater insight into the issues raised in Kaabi-Linke’s new work FacesThis new commission references the Greater Britain Exhibition (1899) at Earls Court which featured a display entitled ‘Savage South Africa’. This display staged nearly 200 tribes people who were brought from South Africa to live in a representation of an African Village, a Kaffir Kraal. There is archival video footage of them arriving in in Southampton.

Dr Tom Rice has written extensively on colonial cinema and was the senior postdoctoral research on the Colonial Film project. He is a lecturer in film studies at University of St Andrews.

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