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Hassan Musa ‘Blood is Thicker than Water’


6/02/20 7pm


Join us for the performance Blood is Thicker than Water with Hassan Musa. It will be Musa’s first performance in 2020 and the first performance in the UK since 1995. The multidisciplinary artist takes the title for his graphic ceremony from a Sudanese proverb. Blood is Thicker than Water is an artistic homage to the peaceful Sudanese revolution in 2019 and inspired by Musa’s questioning of the role of art to change society against an oil-driven geopolitical background.

Hassan Musa (born 1951) is one of the most active contemporary artists with roots in Sudan. Known for his playful calligraphy based paperworks, his paintings reflect on current global political and social issues as well as literature and often reframe the iconography of European art history.

Image: Hassan Musa, The Artist Walk (2016, Performance in Sharjah). Photograph by Patricia Musa.



Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

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