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Make and Create – Family Fun at Home

Dia Batal

30/01/21 2pm


Join artist Dia Batal as she leads this live online family art session inspired by the current exhibition by Heba Y. Amin. Gather your own making materials at home and get crafting together with Dia. In this session, you will imagine the world from above, learn the Arabic word for stork, collage your own imaginary landscape and make a bird to fly above your world.

This session is inspired by our Look, Imagine, Create family activity guide which you can find and download here.

Here is a list of materials which you can use to make your collage:

  • Something to build your collage on – a large piece of paper or card (A4 or A3)
  • Something to make marks with – pencils and pens
  • Something sticky – glue or tape. If you want to make your own glue there is a good link here.
  • Paper and card – white and or coloured, big and small, thinner and thicker
  • Something shiny like tin foil, shiny paper, glitter
  • Something see through – tracing paper, cling film, plastic paper
  • Coloured acetate, coloured plastic or cling film and pens to colour
  • Something thin and easy to work with like thin paper / tissue paper, tissue
  • Natural materials like wood chipping, pressed flowers or leaves, flowers or leaves from your house or outside space, spices, soil
  • Texture – corrugated card, you can get this from delivery boxes (remove a layer), bubble wrap
  • Toilet / kitchen roll middles

Suitable for children aged 4+

Dia Batal is a London based Palestinian artist. She has completed her design studies in Beirut, and an MA in Design, Critical Practice at Goldsmiths College. The multidisciplinary work she produces is context specific and often enables audience to engage with it. Dia uses Arabic language and text to create artworks that echo cultural and contemporary concerns into our urban public, and private spaces.

Images: Family Fun workshop as part of Shubbak Festival at The Mosaic Rooms, 2019.


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

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