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Oasis Theatre Group presents Ammar Haj Ahmad in a rehearsed reading of Mawlana (Our Master), an intriguing new play by Syrian playwright Alfares Alzahabi at The Mosaic Rooms.

Set in Damascus, a young man, Abed, is about to enter a Sufi group to learn the arts of the order and Al-Hadhrah. The order’s Sufism does not suit the young man’s spirit; he yearns for the higher and deeper. He falls in love with his European neighbour. The Great Sheikh Mohyi Eddin appears to Abed in a vision, then the unknown horizons of the Sufi experience are opened to him. The Sheikh reassures him that love is the origin of existence and the bond that links the members of the Universe. Abed considers the horizons of life: love, poverty, happiness, satisfaction, dreams and visions.

Directed by Tarek Iskander, translated by Alfares Alzahabi. Produced by Genuine Arab Casting.

The performance will last for 45mins, after which there will a Q&A.

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