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Privatise The Mandem

Reading Group

14/01/23 2pm


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Join Nabil Al-Kinani for a reading group and discussion around his newly published manifesto Privatise the Mandem (2019), a proposal to resist gentrification. The book argues for the necessity of collective ownership of the ends; social housing estates as well as details the consequences of delivering on the vision.  


Nabil Al-Kinani is a British-Iraqi built-environment professional and creative practitioner raised in Wembley, he possesses a keen interest in urbanism, cultural placemaking, sustainable development and spatial politics. His works include Authors of the Estate, Privatise the Mandem and Pipe Dreams. His research largely focuses on “spaces” and “stories”. Addressing questions such as: Who designs space? Who has access to newly-created space? What’s the cultural impact of these newly-created spaces? Who are new spaces being built for? Who is affected by newly-created space? What are the narratives that must be preserved when new spaces are being created?  


Images: Courtesy of Nabil Al-Kinani.

Reading Group | Privatise the Mandem
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