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Sudan Retold Live

Instagram Takeover

30/03/20 7pm3/04/20 8pm

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Join us for a live event with Sudan Retold editors Khalid Albaih and Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann. They will present their latest project – a new artist book and the ideas behind. The book is a first attempt to create a mental image of the Sudan bringing together 31 young Sudanese creatives and their stories about their homeland.

This event is the highlight of a five day Instagram Takeover from 30 March to 3 April 2020, in which the editors Albaih and Fuhrmann will introduce selected passages of the book together with some of the contributors such as artist Dar al Naim, cook Omer Eltigani, storyteller Mohamed Yahia, photographer Ahmed Abushakeema and artists Enas Satir and Alaa Satir. The chapters the editors and artists are discussing focus on the history of painting, Sudanese food, oral history and story telling as well as archives and photography and connect to wider discourses in Sudan and beyond regarding challenges and resources for research.

From Monday to Friday, everyday there’s a live discussion moderated by Khalid Albaih from 7-8pm (GMT). Link to the event: here 

Sudan Retold is an illustrated book which intends to provide insights into the diverse facets of the country against the background of a rich and multicultural history. Over a period of two years, a group of comic artists, authors, graphic artists, a cook, filmmakers and painters worked on Sudan Retold. Through drawings and texts, in 27 short chapters, they show the relationship between history, art and literature highlighting the role of women, the Beja sword fighting art and the diversity of languages. The more complex historical entanglements and colonial rule such as the Christian-Nubian rule, the murder of British General Gordon in 1855 as well as the legendary city of Suakin on the Red Sea are being retold through artistic representations in the chapters by Dar Al Naim, Malaz Abdallah Osma, Mawadda Kamil and Reem Khalifa.

Get your copy from the Mosaic Rooms Bookshop.

Khalid Albaih is a Sudanese artist and political cartoonist. Currently, he is the ICORN/PEN Artist in Residence in Copenhagen. Previously, Albaih worked as the Head of Public Art for the Qatar Museums Authority and (co-) founded @DohaFashionFridays and the Khartoum Art & Design Center. His cartoons are published online as Khartoon! and in international papers including The New York Times and The Atlantic.

Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann is co-editor of Sudan Retold. In 2017, she founded Yalla! Khartoum, an initiative for socially engaged activities in the fields of painting, music making, skateboarding, and other urban arts. She is also co-founder of Salute Yal Bannot, an all-female band that sings about the socio-political struggle of women. Since 2016 she has worked with Habibi Funk on their first exhibition, A Spotlight in Arab Grooves as well as in various projects in Sudan and Germany.

Alaa Satir is a Sudanese Cartoonist who graduated as an architect from the University of Khartoum in 2012 and currently doing her masters in the UK. She works as a graphic designer and illustrator. Morning Doodles, her first solo exhibition at Khartoum’s Elguneid Center in 2017 addressed topics including feminism, social media and politics. In addition her work was shown as part of a group exhibition in March 2018 promoting women’s rights and challenging gender-based violence.

Omer Eltigani founded The Sudanese Kitchen in 2015, a cookbook project aimed at bringing Sudanese food to an international English-speaking audience through various events, projects, and ultimately a cookery book. Eltigani’s purpose is to promote traditional Sudanese cuisine and bring to light largely undiscovered dishes preservers hold sacred to their culture. Inspired by his love of cooking diverse cuisines and combining unique flavours, he seeks to add a modern twist to Sudanese food.

Dar Al Naim is a Sudanese-Spanish artist currently based near Madrid, Spain. Her extensive body of work reflects her dynamic lifestyle, shifting environments and eclectic background. Having lived in Sudan, Spain, Italy, the UK and Tanzania her artistry tells the tales of a diasporic wanderer. In Sudan Retold, explores history by re-narrating the era of Christian-Nubian Rule.

Image: From the chapter Stone Age by artist AlMigdad Aldikhaiiry, published in Sudan Retold, 2019.

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