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Tales of the Mother Tongue


25/07/19 7:00 pm

  • This event has passed.

The Amazigh female warriors are remembered only through Morocco’s oral histories and myths. Artist Estabrak Al-Ansari revives their tales in this performance incorporating live painting and film.

Tales of the Mother Tongue shines a light on the unwritten her-story of a female warrior of Amazigh past. In her performance Estabrak Al-Ansari presents a story not found in the history books but recorded in myths and in tales passed on by word of mouth. Through the performance Al-Ansarai aims to unfold the complexities surrounding these warriors – women who existed, but never received their accolades.

Estabrak Al-Ansari is an award winning visual artist based in London. Often lead by emotions, her particular interest lies in honest approaches to silenced socio-political realities, and often explores this through multidisciplinary storytelling. Named one of ‘five incredible underwater artists’ by BBC’s seriously section – ‘Pursuit of Beauty: Art Beneath the Waves’ podcast, BBC Radio 2018. Al-Ansarai’s previous works have been showcased in such places as New York, Dubai and Berlin, along the way exhibiting at Royal Academy of Arts, & TATE Britain, London, UK.

Tales of the Mother Tongue has been kindly supported by The Marlborough Theater, Arab Funds for Arts and Culture, Mawa3eed and The Marrakesh Biennial 2016: Parallel Projects.


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

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