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Visions of Horror with Karim Kattan

Online Writing Workshop

7/12/21 4pm


RSVP below for this online event. Tickets are limited to 15, please only book if you are sure to attend. The workshop takes place on 7 December at 4pm GMT.

Take part in this writing workshop with writer Karim Kattan. Participants will receive an invitation with a prompt two weeks before the workshop to use to draft a short horror vignette. In the workshop, participants will read and edit their texts, and work them into collective visions of contemporary horror.

Kattan notes ‘The genre of horror and its distinct capacity to draw on our feelings of impending doom, on our terror of the demons that lurk both in the world and in our minds, will be explored to create literary worlds of deformity and darkness. Horror makes visible our worst fears, and our most unspeakable fantasies. In the context of Palestine, and in that of many similar political situations, horror is uniquely efficient at bringing to life atmospheres of dread and dispossession, of hopeless landscapes and terrorising futures.’

Karim Kattan is a writer. His books include short story collection, Préliminaires pour un verger futur (2017) and his novel Le Palais des deux collines (2021), published by Éditions Elyzad. His work has appeared in The Paris Review, Strange Horizons, The Maine Review, +972 Magazine, The Funambulist and more. More about Karim Kattan

Image 1: Still from Suspiria (1977), directed by Dario Argento
Image 2: Illustration for Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” by Gustave Doré (1883)
Image 3: Portrait of Karim Kattan. Photo by Héla Chelli. Courtesy of the artist.


11 available Writing Workshop | Visions of Horror with Karim Kattan

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