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When I see the future…



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How does digital imagery affect the way we record and understand history, and how does it influence our ideas about politics and society?

This symposium presents three talks over three weeks, exploring key themes in Heba Y. Amin’s exhibition When I see the future, I close my eyes, and the nine-month online event programme which ran alongside it. It will explore digital methodologies and evidentiary practices, and examine the production and dissemination of historical knowledge.

Invited speakers will reconsider the themes of the exhibition, in light of the increased reliance on digital networks which we have experienced in the ongoing global pandemic, and in relation to their own research practices.

Heba Y. Amin and Anthony Downey will also launch their new podcast When I see the Future…this month, in partnership with online audio magazine Status. This series explores artistic methodologies and the enduring impact of new technologies on epistemic, political and territorial realities.


13 May, 2pm BST
Witness Statements and Technologies of Memory
Moderated panel discussion

27 May, 2pm BST
Archiving Future Knowledge Systems
Moderated panel discussion

3 June, 6pm BST
Palestine From Above – Surveillance, Cartography, Control
Moderated panel discussion with speakers Yazid Anani, Salim Tamari and guests.

3 June, 7.30pm BST
Closing Conversation – When I see the future…
Closing Conversation with Heba Y. Amin, Michael Rakowitz, Larissa Sansour, chaired by Anthony Downey.



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