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Soapy Postmodern Bathwater



Archive Reads

Online Reading Group

16/09/21 6pm

Books and Agents

Online Panel Discussion

9/09/21 6pm

*Always already political

Online Conversation and Readings

2/09/21 6pm

A Ruined Garden by Aleesha Nandhra

Downloadable mini-zine

25/08/21 8am26/09/21 5pm


Online Takeover


Lotus Magazine and Afro-Asian archives

Panel Discussion

15/07/21 6pm

Palestine Today: Between Apartheid and Hope

Panel Discussion

16/06/21 6pm

Archiving Future Knowledge Systems

When I see the future...

27/05/21 2pm

Witness Statements and Technologies of Memory

When I see the future...

13/05/21 2pm

When I see the future…



Kamal Aljafari & Kareem Estefan

Film Discussion

27/03/21 5pm

An Unusual Summer



(W)archives. Archival Imaginaries, War, and Contemporary Art

Book Launch, Presentations & Discussion

25/02/21 7pm

Praneet Soi: Anamorphosis

Book Launch

20/01/21 1pm

Visual Presentation | Undoing Fascism(s) Database

Presentation & Discussion

10/12/20 7pm
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