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Revoking Kashmir’s Special Status

Panel Discussion

14/11/19 7:00 pm

Earlier this summer, the Modi government repealed Article 370, stripping Kashmir of its autonomous status. This timely and important panel discussion will examine the regions history, contemporary tumultuous situation and uncertain future.

We Have Always Known the Wind’s Direction

Screening + Talk

7/11/19 7:00 pm

Through a combination of conversations, interview and expressive location footage, Inas Halabi’s artist film probes the possible burial of nuclear waste in the South of the West Bank.

For the Love of Oud

Family Fun

2/11/19 2:30 pm

Join oud player Rihab Azar to explore this wonderful stringed instrument. Families will be introduced to the rhythms and modes of Arabic music through its sounds.

Bisan Abu-Eisheh

Lecture Performance

30/10/19 7:00 pm

Artist Bisan Abu-Eisheh presents a lecture performance informed by his artistic practice and academic research. Reflecting on issues such as national identity, mobility, migration and socio-political injustice, particularly in the Palestinian context.

I’m Not to Speak my Language


24/10/19 7:00 pm

Author Adania Shibli examines silence as a creative force, weaving between own personal experiences and reflecting on Edward Said’s thoughts on the question of silence, and of Aime Cesaire on silence that precedes poetry, among others.

Hidden Treasures


16/10/19 7:00 pm

Learning theorist Munir Fasheh presents a special interactive session reflecting on the possibilities of learning through conversation.

Wild Relatives


10/10/19 7:30 pm

Wild Relatives begins just as an international agricultural research center was forced to relocate from Aleppo to Lebanon due to the war in Syria. The film reflects on biodiversity, resilience, global justice and climate change through the journey of these seeds.

Kan Ya Makan

Family Fun

5/10/19 2:30 pm

Come along for interactive stories of wisdom and wiles from Arab folklore with award-winning storyteller Alia Alzougbi. Here you will meet talking animals, brave young girls, misbehaving princes, and join in animated songs.

Praneet Soi

Artist Talk

3/10/19 7:00 pm

Artist Praneet Soi speaks with curator Reem Fadda about his new and existing bodies of work in in The Mosaic Rooms’ current exhibition. The talk will trace his career, recent stays in Palestine as well as his wider practice.

On Akka’s Shore

Part of Emerge Festival

28/09/19 7:00 pm

Artist Umama Hamido performs this live art piece which combines film, text, sound and rap. On Akka’s Shore is a fictional memoir, scenes slip between Akka in Palestine, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, Hamido’s city of birth, Beirut and London. Part of Emerge Festival.


Notes from Palestine, Winter in the Kashmir Valley – Exhibition Preview

26/09/19 6:30 pm

Join artist Praneet Soi for the opening of the first UK solo exhibition of his work. Anamorphosis will show a new body of work informed by stays in Palestine, alongside recent works created during time in Kashmir.

The Salon of Disobedience: Algorithmic Intimacies

Debate and Exchange

12/09/19 7:00 pm

Hervisions presents The Salon of Disobedience, an evening of collective debate and exchange focusing on peripheral voices and fostering the spirit of rebellion.

The Paradox of Creative Constraints


7/09/19 10:00 am
£5.00 – £6.50

What constraints do filmmakers face when they make and distribute films in the Middle East? To what extent are these constraints both harmful and productive? This day of discussions and film screenings explores new insights into cinematic creativity in sites of conflict and crisis.

Resistance is Her


4/09/19 7:00 pm

Explore the power and influence of women in activism, struggle and political resistance in North Africa, from the colonial period to the present day.

Sakine Cansiz: Memoirs of a Kurdish Revolutionary

Book Launch

29/08/19 7:00 pm

A special book launch to mark the release of Sara: Prison Memoir of a Kurdish Revolutionary, the second instalment of the memoirs of Sakine Cansiz, one of the first female fighters of the PKK.

The Most Important Moroccan Feminist You’ve Never Heard Of


21/08/19 7:00 pm

Feminist author Malika Moustadraf gained acclaim before her early death. What is her influence and how did her life as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and chronic illness inform her work?

Encounters in Gendered Noise


15/08/19 7:00 pm

Sound artist Gilles Aubry presents audio recordings and videos from his research in Morocco exploring gender separation, female representation, resistance and the sounds of women’s daily struggles.

Gnawa London


8/08/19 7:00 pm

Enjoy hypnotic sounds with Gnawa London. Gnawa music, brought to Morocco by formerly enslaved black Africans, is marked by rhythmic guembri (traditional lute) melodies and call and response singing.



1/08/19 7:00 pm

An evening of film shining light on women’s lives in postcolonial Morocco through the lens of Moroccan female filmmakers.

Tales of the Mother Tongue


25/07/19 7:00 pm

Most Amazigh female warriors are remembered through Morocco’s oral histories and myths. Artist Estabrak Al-Ansari revives their tales in a performance incorporating live painting and film.

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