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A Modest Proposal


May 15th 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the declaration of independence by the government of the new state of Israel, which was created by taking over more than half of the area of Palestine, and expelling 750,000 Palestinians. In the intervening years, no ‘peace plan’ has come near to rectifying the injustice done to the Palestinians. So far, the only solutions Israel has even considered have required the 12 million Palestinians in the world to accept a state in 22% of their ancestral land. In this important short book, Karl Sabbagh, a British-Palestinian writer, gives a simple account of a solution that is increasingly discussed, as the Two State Solution disappears into the dustbin of history. One Democratic State between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, with equal rights for all its citizens, would be the fairest solution for all inhabitants of Palestine and Israel. What is more, Sabbagh describes how a major stumbling block in past peace negotiations – the right of return for all Palestinians wherever they are – is suddenly made possible with the setting up of a new enlarged state.

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