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Black Journal


Publisher: Fana’ Collective, 2019
Language: English/Arabic

The black journal is Fana’s first experiment: a multi-discursive platform that invites any visual or written representation of our contested knowledge in apparent cultural and social realms. The journal offers another medium, one that acknowledges the manifold contexts in which it lies, yet has the capacity to allow all forms of interactions and reactions toward them. The journal mainly invites new narratives and new manifestations of knowledge so that it differentiates itself from other publishing platforms.

Fana’ Collective is a collective that aims toward the dismantling and de-production of the epistemological authority of what we assume ontological in truth. Our social and cultural reproductions of truth and knowledge incubate underlying processes in which the appropriation and legitimation of knowledge come to be. Their aim is to uncover these processes and recognise the manifold foundations that they may originate from. Thereby, the outcome or the end product of these processes will no longer stand as a point of reference. But our individual recognition of these deconstructing and reconstructing processes will form a heterogeneous foundation for the contextualisation to take place.

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