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Creative Learning

This Spring, we continue to take long standing partnerships and build projects and sessions which offer inspiration, creative language development, skills and knowledge. We are led by the children and families we collaborate with, we learn through sensory exploration, and we nurture solidarity with others around the UK and internationally. Across this year’s projects we continue our aim to challenge dominant narratives and invite reflection and participation. Read on for what we have planned for children and families this Spring. 

You can find Squish Station; a new interactive clay-play area in our bookshop every Sunday. Researcher and gallery-based educator, Dena Bagi, has created prompts to help guide an interaction with clay. Dena is interested in how clay can connect us with our bodies, strengthening our innate relationship with the earth. She believes touching clay can help us become mindful, or connected, to feel better in a fast-paced — and sometimes scary — world. Sit down, squish, and create with clay. Leave your creations behind so that they can sit alongside those made by others and inspire the next people that come along. Designed for children aged 4-11, but suitable for all.

RESOLVE Collectivewill create a new outdoor commission, as part of our annual family play commission. Collaborating with young people from Earl’s Court Youth Club, local families through public workshops, and school children in Palestine, the collective will present Tools for Solidarity, a play installation in our garden which will change through experimental and radical constructive play. RESOLVE Collective will explore what it means to make solidarity “tangible,” providing a platform to produce new knowledge and ideas, whilst collaborating to help build resilience in communities. Look out for their Spring workshop on 31 May – tickets released soon!

Sarah Marsh joins us to collaborate with children and families to build a picture of the gallery’s own “sensory language”. As a collective, we will select a colour palette that we feel matches the gallery spaces, and we will enjoy different textures and smells that enhance our experience of being with one another at The Mosaic Rooms. Together we will create our own collection of multi-sensory objects; inspired by children, for all to enjoy! This project launches on 25th March and is currently sold out but keep an eye out for updates and you can visit the gallery and play with the objects every day.

Our Play Area is free every day and open to all. We have curated a range of materials to suit children of all ages, including bright, stimulating, and thought-provoking objects, as well as plenty of materials for drawing and colouring. By using simple prompts and fun, open-ended materials in the Play Area, we invite children to creatively engage with ideas and themes from our current exhibition. 

If you have any questions about your visit to The Mosaic Rooms, please email learning@mosaicrooms.org 

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