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We are delighted to share some recommended readings from artists and participants of recent exhibitions and events.

. Constellations of Multiple Wishes
A reading list accompanying the exhibition
Reading List

. Mahmoud Khaled | Fantasies on a Found Phone, Dedicated to the Man Who Lost it
A reading list by the artist Mahmoud Khaled
Reading List

. Hayv Kahraman | Gut Feelings
A reading list by artist Hayv Kahraman
Reading List

. Reading Tawfiq Canaan: Against Statelessness as Method, Towards Statelessness as Technology
A reading list by Khaled Malas and Nadine Fattaleh on Dr. Tawfiq Canaan (1882-1964)
Reading List

. Vegetal Matrix: Plants and Guts
A reading list by artist Patricia Domínguez Claro
Reading List

. Knotted Insides: An Outpouring of Anger, Grief, Collectivity, and Care
A reading list by Mad Sad Fat Crip club on disability justice and crip theory
Reading List

. Books and Agents 
A reading list on publishing during the Cold War
Reading List

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