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Creative Learning

The Mosaic Rooms understands that meaningful projects are a result of long standing and trusting partnerships. We know that high quality creative learning projects can deliver unique and powerful opportunities for connection and education. Therefore all of our creative learning projects are developed in partnership with the local communities around the gallery, including children and families, adults, young refugees and secondary schools. We offer commissions, projects, workshops, talks and tours online and in person. Our creative learning programme is artist led, often by creatives from the North Africa and Middle East regions or those from the global majority.

If you would like to find out more about our creative learning work please email learning@mosaicrooms.org.


Children and families are always welcome at The Mosaic Rooms.

Play Area

You can visit anytime to play and explore with creative materials and sensory play activities. You can also attend one of our family workshops which are delivered by professional artists and play specialists.

Squish Station (Every Sunday)

You can now find Squish Station; a new interactive clay-play area in our bookshop every Sunday.

Researcher and gallery-based educator, Dena Bagi, has created prompts to help guide an interaction with clay. Dena is interested in how clay can connect us with our bodies, strengthening our innate relationship with the earth. She believes touching clay can help us become mindful, or connected, to fell better in a fast-paced — and sometimes scary — world.

Sit down, squish, and create with clay.

Leave your creations behind so that they can sit alongside those made by others and inspire the next people that come along.

Designed for children aged 4-11, but suitable for all.

Sensing our Way: A new commission for sensory-led family play by The Mosaic Rooms

The Mosaic Rooms are excited to present a new commission by Sarah Marsh to make a new series of objects and interventions which will activate The Mosaic Rooms and create a space for sensory-led, interactive, child-led play.

Join a free Sensing Our Way workshop for families on Saturday 18th February.

Family Artist 2023

We are excited to announce details of our Family Artist 2023 soon.

The Mosaic Rooms Family artist for 2022, Sahra Hersi, brought her thoughtful architecture and play practice to deliver our outdoor play commission last year, The House of Many Ways, following our first – The Dancers’ Garden by Alaa Satir. You can read more about Sahra’s family artist commission here.

Upcoming family events

Our first family workshop is coming up on the 18th of February 2023. Please check back soon or join our mailing list for more information on our public programme by visiting the home page.

Families online

You can enjoy some creative activities from The Mosaic Rooms at home. Watch here videos on our Vimeo page.

Secondary Schools

The Mosaic Rooms works in collaboration with local secondary schools on special projects which are artist and participant-led, and which are purposeful and relatable to the lives of those taking part. You can visit The Mosaic Rooms with your school; get in touch to arrange this by contacting learning@mosaicrooms.org.

School Studio: Structure, Restructure

Returning for its third consecutive year, our 2023 schools project will see artists Aya Haidar and Nia Fekri working with two local secondary schools to produce a six-week programme of workshops exploring the themes around working within and altering the intangible structures of systems. This project will begin in February 2023. Join our community mailing list for more information about this project. Please email learning@mosaicrooms.org if you’d like to join the mailing list.

School Studio: Mend and Repair

Commissioned by The Mosaic Rooms, artists Aya Haidar, Marwan Kaabour, and Rosie Thwaites worked with three local secondary schools to produce a four-week programme of workshops exploring themes of emergence, transformation and healing after two years of living with the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more about our 2022 Schools Project.

Between Here and There 

Between Here and There was a collaboration between students from Kensington Aldridge Academy and artist Harold Offeh which took place in January 2022. The group worked together to explore ideas of place and belonging through mapping, recording, and moving within spaces both inside and around this school and The Mosaic Rooms gallery. Read more about this project.

Lockdown Diaries: Over & Out

In summer 2021, The Mosaic Rooms worked with three local secondary schools on the project Lockdown Diaries: Over & Out. The project was led by artists Aya Haidar and Marwan Kaabour. During the month long project the artists invited students to use different story telling methods used by contemporary artists, to explore their personal experiences of the pandemic Read more about our 2021 Schools’ Project.

Young People

The Mosaic Rooms deliver projects in dialogue with young people local to the gallery. We aim for each project to be useful to and compassionate towards, the people who join us and take part.

The Mosaic Rooms Young Collective: Anatomy of a World

You can read more about this project here

The Mosaic Rooms Young Collective invites young people to engage with the visual arts and learn new ways to consider, discuss and produce work as a collective. In 2022 the group worked with artist Nia Fekri to take on a multidisciplinary approach in collaborative storytelling. Through speculative exercises, the participants were invited to create interweaving narratives, intersecting worlds and hybrid characters. The collective also received guidance and support on routes to further knowledge and education from IntoUniversity. The project included a paid opportunity to organise the public launch of the project at The Mosaic Rooms. This is a partnership project with New Citizen’s Gateway.

The Mosaic Rooms Young Collective: Suliman, Yalda, Rozhina, Dhaifallah, Souleymane, Rukeya, Bukhari, Areej, Nida, and Saba, in collaboration with Nia Fekri, have created a two-part installation in response to a series of collaborative storytelling and speculative exercise workshops led by artist Nia Fekri. Through conversations on collectivity, gift giving, rest and action the Tea Station and Sleep Station have been made.

IntoUniversity Arts Exploration Mentorship

In Spring 2022 we partnered with IntoUniversity to support young people with an interest in the Arts. This support included a visit to The Mosaic Rooms, a creative session with professional artist Aya Haidar, and career support and mentorship from the team.

IntoUniversity provides local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve. At each local centre IntoUniversity offers an innovative programme that supports young people to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration. Khadija Saye Arts at IntoUniversity continues the work of IntoUniversity with a focus on encouraging and supporting young people with an interest in the Arts.

Ikhtiar / Choice

In autumn 2021 we hosted a collaboration with young people from IntoUniversity and New Citizen’s Gateway in a project led by artists Zahra Tehrani and Nia Fekri. Find out more about their project Ikhtiar / Choice.


What Grows Wild

Over the course of Summer and Autumn 2022, The Mosaic Rooms shared space with adult groups from The Dalgarno Trust, in partnership with Community Herbalist Rasheeqa Ahmad. The adults who took part in the project were from St. Antonio’s Ladies’ Group, the Volunteering in Partnership (VIP) Group, and the Healthworks Group at The Dalgarno Trust. The initial sessions took place at The Mosaic Rooms, and at Chelsea Physic Garden during summer 2022.

Using local herbs and plants as a starting point, the groups explored ideas of shared knowledge, health related herbalism, and ways of taking that knowledge home.

In Autumn, the groups met again to reflect on the change of season, and celebrate a zine produced from the summer workshops.

We welcome adults from local community based groups for tailored, accessible exhibition tours. If your organisation wants to visit us, please contact learning@mosaicrooms.org.


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