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Young People

The Mosaic Rooms deliver projects in dialogue with young people local to the gallery. We aim for each project to be useful to and compassionate towards, the people who join us and take part.

The Mosaic Rooms Young Collective: Shall We Sit Together?

This year, we will continue to support young people aged 15-20 to encounter the visual arts and learn new ways to consider, discuss and produce work as a collective through The Mosaic Rooms Young Collective project.

Artist collective Febrik will deliver monthly sessions throughout 2023 (between 14 March12 November 2023) with a group of young people from local charity New Citizens’ Gateway. Collaboration between the young people and artists will be the starting point for discussion, thinking and making. The collaborative sessions will introduce a series of methods and themes such as ‘collaboration’, ‘co-production’, ‘solidarity’ and ‘resistance’. The group will consider questions including Why and how do we collaborate, for what purposes? How do we operate collectively, and who do we invite to work with us? This project runs alongside a sister project at De La Warr Pavilion.

The Mosaic Rooms Young Collective: Anatomy of a World

You can read more about this project here

The Mosaic Rooms Young Collective invites young people to engage with the visual arts and learn new ways to consider, discuss and produce work as a collective. In 2022 the group worked with artist Nia Fekri to take on a multidisciplinary approach in collaborative storytelling. Through speculative exercises, the participants were invited to create interweaving narratives, intersecting worlds and hybrid characters. The collective also received guidance and support on routes to further knowledge and education from IntoUniversity. The project included a paid opportunity to organise the public launch of the project at The Mosaic Rooms. This is a partnership project with New Citizen’s Gateway.

The Mosaic Rooms Young Collective: Suliman, Yalda, Rozhina, Dhaifallah, Souleymane, Rukeya, Bukhari, Areej, Nida, and Saba, in collaboration with Nia Fekri, have created a two-part installation in response to a series of collaborative storytelling and speculative exercise workshops led by artist Nia Fekri. Through conversations on collectivity, gift giving, rest and action the Tea Station and Sleep Station have been made.

IntoUniversity Arts Exploration Mentorship

In Spring 2022 we partnered with IntoUniversity to support young people with an interest in the Arts. This support included a visit to The Mosaic Rooms, a creative session with professional artist Aya Haidar, and career support and mentorship from the team.

IntoUniversity provides local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve. At each local centre IntoUniversity offers an innovative programme that supports young people to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration. Khadija Saye Arts at IntoUniversity continues the work of IntoUniversity with a focus on encouraging and supporting young people with an interest in the Arts.

Ikhtiar / Choice

In autumn 2021 we hosted a collaboration with young people from IntoUniversity and New Citizen’s Gateway in a project led by artists Zahra Tehrani and Nia Fekri. Find out more about their project Ikhtiar / Choice.

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