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Edward W Said London Lecture 2011: Rashid Khalidi


Listen to the lecture here

This year’s Edward W Said London Lecture will be given by Professor Rashid Khalidi on Human Dignity in Jerusalem.

The lecture will look at Jerusalem, which has long been the focus of great sensitivities because of its sacrality to all the monotheistic religions. The ongoing building of a “Centre for Human Dignity” by the LA-based Simon Wiesenthal Center over part of the oldest Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem has aroused deep concerns and raised questions about issues of mutual tolerance in the Holy City.

The lengthy history of the holy city of Jerusalem is distinguished by diverse episodes of benevolent tolerance, and by many others of inhumane intolerance. For several lengthy periods, such as most of the 19th century, the city was characterized by a spirit of coexistence. On numerous other occasions, it witnessed sectarian persecution and cruel massacres, one of them, in 614 CE, on what became the site of the Mamilla Cemetery.

Thus the current ongoing project of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles to build what is described as a “Centre for Human Dignity” on part of Jerusalem’s most venerable Muslim cemetery is not the first indignity that this ancient site has witnessed.

This talk will lay out some of the historical background relating to this ancient and contested site, explain briefly how the most recent dispute has evolved, and explore some of its implications.

Professor Khalidi will be introduced by Mrs. Mariam C.Said.

Tuesday 31st May, 6.30pm

BP Lecture Theatre, British Museum, London WC1B 3DG

Tickets  £12/8 concessions


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