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Knotted Insides: An Outpouring of Anger, Grief, Collectivity, and Care

Care Space

10/03/22 7pm


RSVP below for this in person event. Tickets are limited, please only book if you are sure to come.
If you have any access needs that you’d like us to be aware of before the event, please email us at contact@mosaicrooms.org and check for more information on access here.  

Join Akanksha Mehta and Akriti Mehta for an event based on their new collaboration Mad Sad Fat Crip. Through various interactive and creative activities and exercises, we will come together to think and feel through bodies, pain, anger, grief, illness, disability, memory, violence, survival, resistance, and justice. Akanksha and Akriti will facilitate a care space that centres an abolitionist crip (of colour) politics that is rooted in the disability justice and liberation for all. Together, we will examine the knotted entanglements of bodies, state violence, and empire and mediate on forms of care, collectivity, and struggle, past and present. There will be space to learn about disability justice and crip theory and to connect to the ongoing exhibition Gut Feelings by Hayv Kahraman.

This space is open to all and will be designed as a crip space with comfortable seating options, slowness and restfulness, different forms of participation and access, and an attentiveness to how we inhabit it together.

Akanksha Mehta is a feminist queer educator, researcher, writer, and organiser. She works as Lecturer in Gender, Race and Cultural Studies and the co-director of the Centre for Feminist Research at Goldsmiths, University of London. She teaches about empire, nationalism, violence, and resistance through centring feminist, queer, decolonial, postcolonial, and crip approaches and radical liberatory and participative pedagogies. Together with several others, she facilitates a weekly Crip Theory Reading Group (open to all) and lives and organises in SE London. She can be reached on Twitter.

Akriti Mehta is a mad disabled researcher and activist. She is currently doing her PhD at LSE and is involved in several projects related to disability studies, madness, and justice in the global South. Central to her broader interests, are questions of injustice, of power imbalances, of oppression and exclusion, but also equally of resistance and solidarities, of inclusive movement-building, and of creating communities and practices of care. She is often exhausted by the world.

Mad Sad Fat Crip is a very new (and yet kind of old!) collaboration between Akanksha and Akriti. Through pedagogical interventions, research and writing, spaces of crip care, art, and organising, Mad Sad Fat Crip is a project of intentional study and collective learning, of fostering community, and of surviving that is rooted in disability justice, crip of colour theory and activism, fat liberation, abolitionist politics and fighting for freedom from colonial, capitalist, caste oppression for all.


1.Courtesy of Binty Mehta.
2.Portrait Akanksha Mehta. Courtesy of the portrayed.
3.Portrait Akriti Mehta. Courtesy of the portrayed.


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

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