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Small Press Fest

16/07/22 2pm


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Join us for a day of books, zines, films, and poetry, celebrating small-press and independent publications.

Explore, engage with, and meet a variety of publishers, practices, and young voices at the intersection of art, writing, and radical publishing.

             Khidr Collective

will occupy booths displaying and selling their respective publications.

A selection of artist short films, curated by HOAX, will be screened throughout the day.

Film Programme I Watched in Amazement:

. Tiny Bubbles in the Wine by Sadia Pineda Hameed (2019, 5:07 mins.)
. Dictionary of Military Terms by Maryam Monalisa Gharavi (2015, 5:56 mins)
. How to Interview a Person You’ve Never Met! by Alif Ibrahim (2020, 4:58 mins)
. The Metro Has Turned Into a Microwave by Pranavesh Subramanian (2021, 3:33 mins)
. Wrestling Blues by Yarli Allison and Yin Lo (2019-2020, 6:06 mins)
. Sometimes Kate Gorman Emails Me by Samiya Bashir (2015, 12:47 mins)
. High from Miami Beach by Alice Bucknell (2019, 8:09 mins)
. #DeleteTheBeans by Abbas Zahedi (2020, 13:03 mins)


Barakunan will be presenting their audiovisual interactive performance, The Podium, in which the audience, through interaction with the performers onstage, slowly transforms into the speaker of a public address as one cohesive body.


Poetry readings by

          Sarona Abuaker
                                        Zia Ahmed
                                                                                                Mira Mattar
                                                                                                                    Memoona Zahid



Open mic session


The festival will include a book exchange corner.
We encourage you to bring a book you would like to share with others!


About the participants:


. the87press
. Barakunan
. daikon*
. Haramacy
. Khidr Collective 


. Sarona Abuaker
. Zia Ahmed
. Eve-Esfandiari-Denney
. Mira Mattar
. Memoona Zahid


. Sadia Pineda Hameed
. Maryam Monalisa Gharavi
. Alif Ibrahim
. Pranavesh Subramanian
. Yarli Allison and Yin Lo
. Samiya Bashir
. Alice Bucknell
. Abbas Zahedi


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