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The dancers’ garden by Alaa Satir

Artist Commission


The dancers’ garden is an interactive artwork for families by artist Alaa Satir, installed in The Mosaic Rooms’ garden.

The dancers’ garden is inspired by Alaa’s fictional tale of two dancers who travel from a place by the river Nile to a garden where they can share their art and dance and be free to make music. The dancers in Alaa’s story are presented in this multi-sensory installation. The artwork includes a sand pit, musical instruments and drawing activities. Alaa Satir worked with The Mosaic Rooms to unfold her artistic practice and the stories which motivate the characters in her pieces. In this installation, Alaa shares her creative language to invite children to find their own language through music, movement, drawing and colour experiments. The work celebrates creativity, movement and sound and encourages families to play together. 

Alaa Satir (b. 1990, Khartoum) is a visual artist and designer. Her stylised graphic works have a bold and distinctive style, often featuring women as the central figures. Alaa’s work came to prominence during the Sudanese revolution of 2018, when her large-scale murals of her figures highlighting the role of women in the revolution and celebrating the demands of the revolutionaries reached online audiences internationally. Currently based in London for her master studies at UAL, Satir was commissioned to develop this new work. Read about Alaa Satir

Families are welcome at The Mosaic Rooms Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-5.30pm.
Image 1: The dancers’ garden by Alaa Satir.
Image 2: Portrait of Alaa Satir. Courtesy of photographer Abdelsalam Alhaj.

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