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Al Fajer (The Dawn) [Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl]


Al Fajer Group was established in Kuwait in 1987, co-founded by four artists: Sima Kanaan (Vocals), Bashar Shammout (Guitar) Jameel Saraj (Oud and Guitar) and Nizar Alyan (Percussion). Al Fajer Group became known for their unique frequencies and the transparency of their sound. The band is rooted in acoustic oud, guitar and percussion and they never used any electronic equipment during their sets. When they were first established they would perform Palestinian patriotic songs, related to the Palestinian liberation struggle. They released their launch album, recorded on reel tapes, during the First Intifada in 1988, after which they began composing and writing their own original music. They were unable to release this due to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, when all the band members were forced to leave the country and could not reunite to release the second album. During the limited time in which they were able to work together, they participated in multiple tours in Kuwait, Iraq, Germany and other locations.

This is the first vinyl release for the band and includes original music, which has not been available until today.

All rights reserved Majazz Project
Sima Kanaan – Vocals
Bashar Shammout – Guitar
Jameel Saraj – Oud and Guitar
Nizar Alyan – PercussionAlbum artwork “Melody of Exile” (1990) courtesy of Ismail Shammout
Black and white images, taken in Berlin 1989, courtesy of Mahmoud Dabdoub
Graphic design courtesy of Laxmi Isabella Andrews
Curation courtesy of Momin Swaitat, Majazz Project

Pre-Order below (shipping after release in August 2023)

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