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Heirloom Seeds


Material: 100% Palestinian heritage seeds, harvest 2019, packed 2020
Size: 10 x 15cm (size of package, including seeding information inside)

Like most farmers in the world, Palestinian farmers are facing the dangers of agribusiness, corporate seed, land dominance, on top of political violence. But many of these farmers are the heroes who have been safeguarding the precious seeds, and the knowledge that these carry. Palestinian Heirloom seed varieties are under threat; many have gone extinct. These seeds have been passed down to us over the centuries, and carry in their genes the stories and the spirits of Palestinian indigenous ancestors. Aside from their cultural significance, these seeds carry options for our future survival as we face climate change and the erosion of agro-biodiversity worldwide. As such, it is urgent that we save heirloom seeds, and propagate them.

Founded by Vivien Sansour, the Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library and its Traveling Kitchen project seek to preserve and promote heritage and threatened seed varieties, traditional Palestinian farming practices, and the cultural stories and identities associated with them. Based in the Village of Battir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site outside Bethlehem, the library also serves as space for collaborations with artists, poets, writers, journalists, and other members to showcase and promote their talents and work. Working closely with farmers, Sansour has identified key seed varieties, and crops that are threatened with extinction and would provide the best opportunities to inspire local farmers and community members to actively preserve their bio-culture and recuperate their local landscape.

If you order you will receive a package with one of these seeds:
Abu Samara (wheat), Bamyeh / Okra (ladies’ fingers), Chard (leafy spinach beet), Molokhia (Jute Mallow), Sabanikh (spinach), Yakteen (gourd), Kusa (Levantine Zucchini) or Battiri eggplant.

To learn more about Abu Samara, listen to this song dedicated to the wheat by Zaid Hilal: Abu Samra ??? ???? ??? ????? (Official)

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