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I Want Sky


Mizna, in partnership with Asian American Writers Workshops’ The Margins present I Want Sky, a collection honouring Sarah Hegazy’s one irreplaceable life, and the lives of all LGBTQ+ Arabs and people of the SWANA region and its diaspora.

The notebook, guest-edited by Mariam Bazeed, features contributions from AMA, Amir Ferdjani, Banah el Ghadbanah, donial salem harhooor, Eman Desouky, Gamal El Sawah, Ghinwa Jawhari, Janine Mogannam, Kamelya Omayma Youssef, Layla Zbinden, ‘mad, Mejdulene B. Shomali, Mish Ismy, Nada Almosa, Niki Asfar, Nour Kamel, Nusaiba Imady, Qais Kamran, Shiyam Galyon, and Walid Daou. This special collaboration was designed by Morcos Key with illustrations by Haitham Haddad of Studio Mnjnk.

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