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Jaffa, The Orange’s Clockwork DVD


Director: Eyal Sivan
Format: 1 DVD 9 multizone (+NTSC)
Studio: Momento Films
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Turkish
Run Time: 178min, (film, 88min)

Jaffa: The Orange’s Clockwork is an award winning political essay examining the visual and political history of the famous citrus fruit, the Jaffa Orange, originating from Palestine. This very fruit is one of the symbols that helped build the Zionist discourse about Palestine: a “dessert we have made bloom”.  For Palestinians however, it holds a very different sentiment, it represents a powerful symbol of the loss and destruction of their land.

Built up from archival material Eyal Silvan traces the visual and political history of the famous fruit. Going back as far as the 19th century the film shows orange groves at the time when Arab Jaffa was one of Palestine’s most populated and thriving city, further it traces a time when Jews and Arabs worked together and gradually a time where such images were replaced by those of an Arab free Israel.

Politically bold and a visual delight.

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