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Modern Sudanese Poetry. An Anthology


ISBN: 9781496215635

Series: African Poetry Book
Paperback: 186 pages, (2019)
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press
Language: English (translated by Adil Babikir)
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches

Spanning more than six decades of Sudan’s post-independence history, this collection features work by some of Sudan’s most renowned modern poets, largely unknown in the United States. Adil Babikir’s extensive introduction provides a conceptual framework to help the English reader understand the cultural context. Translated from Arabic, the collection addresses a wide range of themes—identity, love, politics, Sufism, patriotism, war, and philosophy—capturing the evolution of Sudan’s modern history and cultural intersections.

Modern Sudanese Poetry features voices as diverse as the country’s ethnic, cultural, and natural composition. By bringing these voices together, Babikir provides a glimpse of Sudan’s poetry scene as well as the country’s modern history and post-independence trajectory.

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