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Public Programme

From February until June 2024, The Mosaic Rooms presents a programme that invites audiences to play and reflect together, looking to nature, the future and the past, as we consider what we need to feel resourced for today’s global issues.

Play Lab | Water Binds Us
2 March–16 June 2024

Water Binds Us is a three-month intervention at The Mosaic Rooms by artist Chahine Fellahi. Drawing inspiration from Mahmoud Darwish’s poetic reflection “water binds me to your name”, this project transports one of the gallery spaces into a sensory playground for children and their accompanying grown-ups. This space extends an open invitation for the public to explore new ways to interconnect, engaging with water as a medium for play, transformation, and collective imagination.

Chahine Fellahi is a visual artist, filmmaker and educator based between London (UK) and Casablanca, Morocco. Working across analogue and digital processes, her practice harnesses film and photography as tools to explore the materiality of images and their relationship to memory.

The School of Mutants | Translation as Hospitality
13 February–10 March 2024

Translation as Hospitality is a site-specific installation for learning and knowledge distribution by The School of Mutants.

Central to the installation is a library of books and materials curated by the collective that draws on anti-colonial thought, African philosophy, and radical politics that have forged political communities across geographies. The installation continues the collective’s ongoing preoccupation with translation as an act of hospitality and inclusion. It urges visitors to breathe new meaning into the writings by copying and distributing the materials through informal networks. Translation as Hospitality invites the dreams of the past to translate themselves into the present and into our collective social and political desires.

The School of Mutants is a collaborative platform for art and research initiated in 2018 in Dakar, Senegal. Working across geographies and engaging with socio-cultural, ecological, and aesthetic mutations of the real, the collective aims to mobilise spaces for the production, transmission, and pluralisation of knowledge in non-hierarchical ways.

Samia Henni | Performing Colonial Toxicity
21 March–16 June 2024

Performing Colonial Toxicity is an archival survey exhibition documenting France’s secret nuclear programme in Algeria during and after the Algerian Revolution (1954-62). Between 1960 and 1966, the French colonial regime detonated four atmospheric atomic bombs, thirteen underground nuclear bombs and conducted other nuclear experiments in the Algerian Sahara, whose natural resources were being extracted in the process. The exhibition draws attention to the urgency of reckoning with this history and its lived environmental and sociopolitical impacts. This expansive research project is assembled by architectural historian and exhibition maker Samia Henni. It unfolds as an installation across a series of audio-visual assemblages – each consisting of maps, photographs, film stills, documents and archival testimonies.

This project is a co-production of Framer Framed, Amsterdam and If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be A Part Of Your Revolution.

Born and raised in Algiers, Samia Henni is a historian, an educator, and an exhibition maker of the built, destroyed, and imagined environments. Her research and teaching address questions of colonisation, wars, extraction, deserts, forced displacement, and gender.

After this The Mosaic Rooms will temporarily pause exhibition and public programmes, as we undergo a period of experimentation, reflection and future imagining. We will continue our creative learning work in collaboration with local communities and the bookshop will remain open. Internally we will be focusing on the development of new organisational form, a new learning space, and other exciting endeavours. This pause will enable us to lay the foundations for a more forward-thinking, locally rooted and sustainable organisation for the future.

As part of this work, we are seeking critical friends and supporters, please get in touch if you are interested in supporting our programme at rachael@mosaicrooms.org.

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