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Sadia Pineda Hameed and Beau W Beakhouse have been making work as a collaborative duo over the last four years. Their practice is concerned with alternate histories and archives, decomposition, speculation, staging, and revivification; and they continuously engage with text, disassembling relationships between language and colonialism. They have shown together with MOSTYN, Gentle/Radical, Arcade/Campfa, Peak Cymru and forthcoming with Experimentica, Chapter Arts; and have residencies this year with Tangent Projects, Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, g39 – Jerwood UNITe and Catalyst Arts. They also run curatorial, print and radio project LUMIN.

LUMIN are a small press, curatorial collective and radio programme based in Cardiff, Wales. LUMIN is broadly the curatorial project of artists Beau W Beakhouse and Sadia Pineda Hameed which often looks to transform and liberate ideas of space; to create space that is radical, revolutionary, empathetic and open. LUMIN Press works through curation, care and dialogue, and is interested in archives, decolonising and democratising print, publishing and the arts, non-Western modes of communication and creating new models of sharing. They have spoken on panels about radical publishing at Cardiff University, Bangor University, the Open University, the g39 WARP symposium, and in the Festival of Voice and the Eisteddfod.

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