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A Ruined Garden by Aleesha Nandhra

Downloadable mini-zine

25/08/21 8am26/09/21 5pm


The Mosaic Rooms presents A Ruined Garden,  a mini-zine by London-based illustrator and printmaker Aleesha Nandhra.

The zine was created in response to the current exhibition by Borrowed Faces: Future Recall by Fehras Publishing Practices at The Mosaic Rooms. A Ruined Garden is inspired by a poem of the same title by Sajjad Zaheer originally published by the Afro-Asian Writer’s Association (AAWA) in their journal Lotus in 1970. Aleesha Nandhra selected this piece of writing from the archive materials on display in the exhibition saying: ‘Out of all of the publications in the archive I was drawn to ‘LOTUS’ (Afro-Asian Writings) as it reflected some of my own personal heritage, and was a subject that I knew so little about at the same time. It’s such a beautiful publication, with narratives, poetry, critiques on art and political movements and people.’

The mini-zine engages with the stories that lie hidden in institutional and individual archives. It interrogates the practice of independent publishing by its method of distribution. Inspired by the anti-colonial legacy of the Afro-Asian Writer’s Association’s journal Lotus, the zine seeks to enact solidarity through publishing by making the reader the distributor. The artist invites you to gift the zine to friends and strangers and to leave it to be discovered in unlikely places. Evoking the DIY spirit of zine making and through this act of independent re-distribution this project hopes to disrupt the traditional modes of publishing and distribution practices, returning again to print in the age of e-publishing.

Download the zine below, along with instructions on how to print and fold the zine.

Aleesha Nandhra is an illustrator and printmaker from London. Outside of commercial illustration, their work explores narratives and themes such as nature, culture, mental health, and music.

This commission is presented in collaboration with The British Library.



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