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Music: Kamilya Jubran

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5/11/15 8pm

  • This event has passed.

Acclaimed Palestinian musician and “voice of resistance” Kamilya Jubran presents a special acoustic performance of song and oud from her album Makan. Originally released in 2009, the album features songs influenced by contemporary Arabic poetry:

“Preoccupied by the idea of ‘place’, I examined the different spots in which each poet placed himself, while observing his world. Makan travels through the different places an individual can occupy in a lifetime.” Listen to a sample here.

This intimate concert is a unique opportunity to hear Kamilya Jubran perform solo. It will follow her performance with Sarah Murcia as part of the Labyrinths series at St John at Hackney Church on Nov 3, presenting the premier of their project Nhaoul’ in the UK.

Kamilya Jubran was born in Akka in the State of Israel, to Palestinian parents who are from a northern Palestinian village in Al-Jaleel. Elias Jubran, Kamilya’s father, an authentic instrument maker and a music teacher; was her first source of classical Arabic musical education. In Jerusalem and for twenty years, Kamilya was Sabreen’s lead song performer, and player of Oud, Qanoon, and other oriental instruments. From 1982 to 2002, Kamilya along with Sabreen represented the voice of resistance; struggle for freedom, and a deep and dynamic artistic-political process that created a new style of a modern Arabic song.

Since 2002, Kamilya toured with her first project Mahattaat, then Wameedd, besides solo performances in several Arab and European cities.

This event is presented in collaboration with Ma3azef and Labyrinths.

Tickets: £15. Book now or rsvp@mosaicrooms.org




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