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12/01/23 7pm


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Watch the London premiere of Amussu (2019), an experimental documentary by Nadir Bouhmouch.

The film tells the story of an eight year long struggle, from 2011-2019 of the Amazigh villagers of Imider in Morocco who shut down a water pipeline to Africa’s biggest silver mine. The pipeline threatened to dry out the oasis of their almond groves and damage their livelihood. The film documents the protest camp turned into a small solar-powered village and sheds light on what the villagers have dubbed Amussu xf Ubrid n ’96 (Movement on Road ’96), a resistance movement built on songs, weekly assemblies, a flimsy camera, a film festival and endless ingenuity.


About the director

Through image, sound and text, Nadir Bouhmouch is a storyteller, researcher and cultural worker based in Marrakech. The focus of most of his work, whether visual, aural or textual is almost always cultural decolonisation, agriculture, ecological struggles and land rights amongst Amazigh communities. However, while his filmic practice tends to consist of participatory processes which involve rural communities in the writing, production and even post-production; his textual practice is a more individual endeavour. Nadir is also the co-founder of AWAL, an art and research programme which trains researchers and artists to encourage audiovisual documentation of disappearing oral traditions in Moroccan rural areas. More about Nadir Bouhmouch

Images: Stills from Amussu by Nadir Bouhmouch. Courtesy of the artist.


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

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