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New Media Society: Dust to Come…

Sofa Cinema


Watch a series of experimental art films by contemporary Iranian artists and film makers curated by the New Media Society. Exploring futures and alternative visions, most of the selected videos are shown for the first time.


The Unfinished Tale of Buried Stars | 2013 | 5min by Arash Khosronejad

104 -3 = 23 | 2010 | 6min by Anahita Hekmat

A Paranoid Cucumber | 2019 | 3min by Arash Hanaei

The Element | 2017 | 29min by Nassrin Nasser

Dry Sterilizer | 2018 | 5min by Maryam Katan and Shaahin Peymani

Autonomotormenthek | 2020 | 3min by Elnaz Salehi

Faal/ Prologue_version_01 :: (.avi)(.avi)(.avi) (Bibliomancy) | 2019 | 4min by Milad Forouzandeh and Mohsen Hazrati

Down to the Rabbit Hole | 2020 | 3min by Nazanin Aharipour

Khorsheed (The Sun) | 2016 | 7min by Ramin Rahimi


The Sofa Cinema is followed by a conversation with the New Media Society and artists and writers.

New Media Society in Tehran is a collective and an alternative space with a focus on new media and curatorial innovation, while engaging with social transformations in Iran through art and education. Within a framework of social practice they create a context and hub for emerging, participatory projects that take place at the intersections between art, science and technology.


Image 1: Still Faal/ Prologue_version_01 :: (.avi)(.avi)(.avi) (2019). Courtesy of Milad Forouzandeh and Mohsen Hazrati.
Image 2: Still Khorsheed (2016). Courtesy of Rahim Rahimi.
Image 3: Still Autonomotormenthek (2020). Courtesy of Elnaz Salehi.
Image 4: Still Down to the Rabbit Hole (2020). Courtesy of Nazanin Aharipour.
Image 5: Still Dry Sterilizer (2019). Courtesy of Maryam Katan and Shaahin Peymani.
Image 6: Still A Paranoid Cucumber (2019). Courtesy of Arash Hanaei.
Image 7: Still 104 -3 = 23 (2010). Courtesy of Anahita Hekmat.
Image 8: Still The Element (2017). Courtesy of Nassrin Nasser.
Image 9: Still The Unfinished Tale of Buried Stars (2013). Courtesy of Arash Khosronejad.

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