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Feminist Duration Reading Group

Online Reading Group

3/05/22 7pm

Please RSVP here for this online event taking place on 3 May, 7pm (London).

Members of the Feminist Duration Reading Group deliver an online, out-loud reading group exploring shared themes between artist Hayv Karahman’s exhibition Gut Feelings and Rachel Jones’ new Chisenhale commission say cheeeeese. This online, out-loud reading group focuses on two pieces of writing: Citizen: An American Lyric (2014) by Claudia Rankine and Care and the commons (2021) by Miriam Ticktin. Rankine’s writing is a lyrical examination of the daily encounters of microaggressions, whilst Ticktin’s theorisation offers practical insights into the possibility of decolonial feminist commons. Both writings highlight the urgency to readdress care as a critical tool for political transformation. Amongst the essay, image, and poetry, the session aims to foster a provocative relationality in strategising critical care. This event is presented in partnership with Chisenhale Gallery.  

The Feminist Duration Reading Group focuses on under-known and under-appreciated feminist texts, movements and struggles from outside the Anglo-American canon. The group has developed a practice of reading out loud, together, one paragraph at a time, with the aim of creating a sense of connection and intimacy during meetings. More about the Feminist Duration Reading Group


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