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Framing Food

Workshop & Walk

3/12/22 11am


RSVP below for this in person event. Please note that tickets are limited, only book if you are sure to come.

Participate in a walk, a talk, and collective cooking session led by Blak Outside. Coinciding with National Tree Week, the walk will be based around trees, weeds and their histories as well as an invite to learn about the migrant connections of our Cromwell Road neighbourhood.


Blak Outside is a multidisciplinary creative collective providing culturally diverse and inclusive events. The collective host the Blak Outside Festival, an annual grass roots, intergenerational event supportive of working class social housing residents and the QTIBIPOC (queer, trans, intersex, Black, indigenous, people of colour) community.

Carole Wright, founding member of Blak Outside, is a creative urban activist, community gardener and beekeeper. Wright currently works with Tate Modern, Landscape Institute, Urban Tree Festival (UK) and Peabody Trust. Wright has previously worked with Tate Britain, The Showroom, Whitechapel Art Gallery and St Mungo’s to develop creative community projects, lead workshops and walks. Wright regularly works with primary and secondary school students, housing estate residents and housing managers, church users groups and local councillors. Wright currently manages two community gardens in Southwark, South London.

Recent projects include Blak Outside 2020 Festival (The Garden Museum and Peabody Blackfriars, London, 2020); Walking my Manor (Cordwainers Grow, London, 2020); Walking whilst being Blak Outside (Industria Publication, 2020); IFLA World Congress (Oslo, Norway, 2019), The Big Lunch (Eden Project, 2019); Penfold Medicinal Garden (The Showroom, London, 2018).


5 available Workshop & Walk | Framing Food

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