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Perspectives on Algeria

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Join us for a panel discussion on the issues facing Algeria today. The talk will both give context to Algeria’s past including its colonial history; reflect on what is happening today both socially, politically, economically and in light of the recent uprisings in neighbouring Tunisia and Libya; and the challenges Algerian society faces looking towards the future. This talk is at a particularly pertinent moment following the recent elections.

The panel will include:

Dr Hamza Hamouchene an Algerian activist , writer and a founding member of Algeria Solidarity Campaign (ASC), a London-based organisation campaigning for peaceful democratic change and the respect of human rights in Algeria. He previously worked for Platform where he was researching British energy interests in Algeria and he is currently a campaigner with the World Development Movement, a global justice NGO. His writings appeared in Jadaliyya, openDemocracy, Guardian and Huffington Post.

Dr James McDougall is a Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, where he teaches modern European and world history, with a focus on the Middle East, Northwest Africa, and the global history of Islam. He previously taught at Princeton and at SOAS, London. He is the author of History and the Culture of Nationalism in Algeria (2006); collaborative projects include Saharan Frontiers: Space and Mobility in Northwest Africa (2012) with anthropologist Judith Scheele, and Global and Local in North Africa (2013) with political scientist Robert Parks. He is currently writing A History of Algeria (forthcoming from Cambridge University Press) and a history of colonialism and its legacies in France and Africa.

Imad Mesdoua is an Algerian political analyst specialising in the Middle East, North Africa and West Africa. He has previously worked as a freelance journalist and as a political consultant, advising political officials and international organisations. He regularly provides on-air analysis as a guest commentator for the BBC, Al Jazeera and France 24. Imad tweets at @ImadMesdoua

More details to be confirmed shortly! The talk will be followed by a Q&A session.

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