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The Casablanca Art School


12/06/19 7:00 pm


Discover the history of the Casablanca Art School, the ground breaking and influential art school which rejected Western academic styles in favour of abstraction and Moroccan visual culture, where Mohamed Melehi was a leading figure.

Artist Farid Belkahia was appointed director of the school in 1962 and invited Mohamed Melehi and his then wife Toni Maraini to teach at the school when they returned from the U.S. in 1964. Mohamed Melehi taught photography, painting and sculpture. Mohammed Chabâa was also a key member of the school. Maraini taught art history alongside collector and anthropologist Bert Flint. The school encouraged students to look beyond western academic tradition and research local visual culture. The major figures from the school were to go on to exhibit in the street exhibition Exposition-Manifeste in Jma el-Fna Square, Marrakech in 1969, an event which remains a central point of reference in the study of Arab modernities.

Curator Salma Lahlou will chair this discussion with Maud Houss and Fatima-Zahra Lakrissa.


The Casablanca Art School

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