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Visual Presentation | Undoing Fascism(s) Database

Presentation & Discussion

10/12/20 7pm


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Heba Y. Amin, Emilio Distretti and Ian Alan Paul launch a new database to document the legacies/afterlives of Mediterranean fascism(s).  

In the 1930s, European fascism(s) used the Mediterranean Sea as a laboratory for state and ideological formation, imperial ambitions, and the creation of a strategic military asset.  

Today, the legacies of fascism and colonialism are re-transmitted, as a destabilized Europe struggles to maintain the geographical and historical distinctions that defined it for so long. In the wake of this destabilization in the Mediterranean zone, colonialism and fascism are re-emerging and take further hold of everyday realities. Diverse forces, driven by colonial and fascist pasts, are rushing to reconstitute their vision of Europe, at the same time as decolonization struggles persist.  

In this antifascist and de-colonial spirit, this event will draw upon the Undoing Fascism(s) object database to document and archive the entangled histories of Mediterranean Fascisms.   

Each object in the archive conveys new configurations, meanings and analytical tools to read, interpret and change today’s realities through evidence and testimony.  

The visual presentations will talk audiences through the objects in the database, and open up the database for public contributions. 

Heba Y. Amin is a multi-media artist from Egypt. She works with political themes and archival history, using mediums including film, photography, archival material, lecture performance and installation. Amin teaches at Bard College Berlin, is a doctorate fellow in art history at Freie Universität, and a current Field of Vision fellow in New York. She is the co-founder of the Black Athena Collective, curator of visual art for the MIZNA journal, and co-curator for the biennial residency program DEFAULT with Ramdom Association.

Emilio Distretti is a researcher and an educator based in London. Emilio is Postdoctoral Fellow in History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Basel. His research takes on interrelated avenues on the politics of space, architectural heritage and postcolonial and decolonial politics in the Mediterranean.

Ian Alan Paul is an artist and theorist whose work examines enactments of power and practices of resistance in global contexts. Their practice straddles experimental documentary, critical fiction, media art and code. Paul is presently based and pursuing projects in Barcelona.


Image 1: Ángel de la Victoria (The Angel of Victory), Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Courtesy of Ian Alan Paul.

Image 2: Hollerith Preparatory Worksheet Card, Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Germany. Courtesy of Arolsen Archives.

Image (square): Borgo Bassi, Abandoned Fascist Built Rural Settlement, Sicily. Courtesy of Emilio Distretti.




ONLINE EVENT| Undoing Fascism(s) Database

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