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Fatima Mazmouz

Artists Talk

10/07/19 7:00 pm

Artist Fatima Mazmouz speaks to curator Yasmina Naji and art critic Julie Crenn about her work and practice.

The Casablanca Art School


12/06/19 7:00 pm

Discover the history of the Casablanca Art School, the ground breaking and influential art school which rejected Western academic styles in favour of abstraction and Moroccan visual culture.

Mohamed Melehi in Conversation

Artist's Talk

6/06/19 7:00 pm

Artist Mohamed Melehi speaks to curator Morad Montazami about his first UK solo exhibition. The talk will trace his career as a major figure of postcolonial Moroccan art and of modernism in the Global South.

Season of Migration to the North

Book Launch

23/05/19 7:00 pm

Artist Mohammad Omar Khalil launches his book of prints paying homage to Tayeb Salih, author of Season of Migration to the North. He will be in conversation with artist and publisher Abed AlKadiri.

Art in the Age of Pipelines


17/10/18 7:00 pm

An evening on the politics and culture of oil Iran. Beginning with a screening of The Fire, a documentary by Ebrahim Golestan.

Yes we’re still here, but why?


7/07/18 2:00 pm

Join Townhouse gallery Director William Wells and other speakers to look back on Townhouse gallery’s history and discuss the role of art produced in zones of conflict and oppression.

Relocating Modernism


31/05/18 7:00 pm

Silvia Naef and Art Reoriented curators Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath lead a panel discussion about non-western art histories and modernism in the Arab world. They will reflect on artists and intellectuals who travelled and created work in dialogue with global modernism.

Images of violence


21/02/18 7:00 pm

How can resistance and conflict be represented without resorting to familiar images of violence? Such images are often used by news groups reporting on crises and by others to propagandise. Dr Lina Khatib leads this discussion with Dr Zahera Harb and Dr Brad Evans.

Gaza: Preparing for Dawn

Book Discussion

1/02/18 7:00 pm

Join journalist and writer Donald Macintyre in conversation about his book Gaza: Preparing for Dawn.

The State of Arab Men


19/10/17 7:00 pm

From head of state to head of the family, men are pillars of patriarchies across the Arab region. Shereen El Feki and panel discuss the first international study of the personal lives of Arab men to explore how these roles are changing.

Time Beyond Place


24/08/17 7:00 pm

Presentation by artist Anne Senstad on founding Time Beyond Place – The Cultural Bridge. Through this crosscultural, all-female platform, artists create work about the preservation of cultural heritage, domesticity and memory in Saudi Arabia. An ithra initiative, coordinated by CULTURUNNERS.


Archaeology of the Final Decade

20/07/17 7:00 pm

What determines if heritage is preserved or lost? Vali Malhouji discusses Archaeology of the Final Decade, his curatorial project to excavate the remains of two acts of cultural destruction in post revolutionary Iran, a festival banned for cultural decadence and a photo archive of Tehran’s red-light district.


Survival of the Artist


2/07/17 10:00 am

This conference reflects on how artists and art spaces are surviving and continuing to work in times of civil and political conflict, and on how they are responding to the threat to cultural heritage.

Artists Talk: Shift

Artists Talk

1/07/17 12:00 pm

Join Zahrah Al-Ghamdi, Dana Awartani and Reem Al-Nasser to discuss their debut exhibition Shift at The Mosaic Rooms and their artistic practice.

Seeds From The Zoo


8/06/17 7:00 pm

Artist Bryony Dunne speaks about her film, Bring Them Back Alive, and photographic exploration, Seeds From The Zoo, of the history of Egypt’s Giza Zoo. Dunne will be in conversation Dr Shela Sheikh.

Syria’s Cultural Heritage in Conflict


5/06/17 7:00 pm

Caabu and The Mosaic Rooms are pleased to present a talk by Ross Burns. This is a rare opportunity to hear the author discuss Aleppo and the rich history of this important city, from its earliest history through to the modern era.

The Oral History of Imperialism: Palestine under the British Mandate

4/05/17 7:00 pm

In the story of British rule in Palestine (1917 to 1948) Palestinian voices have tended to be marginalised or absent. Roger Hardy and Dina Matar discuss the oral history of imperialism in Palestine in the British mandate period.

In Conversation – Judy Price


26/04/17 7:00 pm

Artist Judy Price in discussion with art historian Lucy Reynolds and academic, editor and writer Anthony Downey about the work in her exhibition Still on show at The Mosaic Rooms.

Edward W. Said London Lecture 2017: Mahmood Mamdani

Annual Lecture

31/03/17 6:30 pm

Internationally renowned academic and author Mahmood Mamdani presents this year’s Edward W Said London Lecture, examining the concept of revolutionary justice.

Where the Line is Drawn

Book Launch and Discussion

10/03/17 7:00 pm

Acclaimed Palestinian author Raja Shehadeh discusses his new book on the personal impact of Occupation in conversation with Gillian Slovo.

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