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Flag for Solidarity

Visible from the street, at The Mosaic Rooms until 4 June.

Our Flag for Solidarity was co-created with artist collective KURS (Miloš Miletic and Mirjana Radovanovic) and workshop participants Aya, Julia, Hamja, Laiba and Yazhi, as part of the programme for the exhibition Constellations of Multiple Wishes.

‘may you walk ever
loved and in love’

is inspired by and a homage to Suheir Hammad‘s poem Talisman which we discussed together in the workshop. The folded triangle points to the popular shape of talismans, and represents the line ‘fold this prayer around your neck’ from the poem. The small arched triangles refer to the sun above a moon, a guiding principle of the poem.


Miloš Miletic and Mirjana Radovanovic jointly practice visual art and research as KURS. In their work they explore how artistic practice can contribute to (and become an integral part of) various social struggles. They often use archival material as a starting point, combined with revolutionary poetry/prose and the visual language of progressive movements from the past.

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