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Palestine Reading Resources

We encourage you to amplify the voices that are coming from Palestine during this critical moment in its people’s struggle for justice and peace. We have also linked here reading resources collated by our community of friends, artists and academics.

Donate to Medical Aid for Palestine’s emergency appeal for Gaza

  • Open access issues
        • STUART Paper Issue 2: The Openness of the horizon to which I am not is a live archive of artists’ thoughts and visual notes on the subject of solidarity with Palestine – download
        • The Funambulist Issue Learning with Palestinedownload
        • Mizna The Palestine Issue download
        • Palestinian Feminist Collective Handala’s Return: A Children’s Story and Workbookdownload
        • Red Sunday School zine From the River to the Sea, All the Children will be Free – download
        • Publishers for Palestine Poems for Palestinedownload
  • Edward W Said London Lectures – watch
  • Radio Al Hara’s Until Liberation Learn Palestine with lectures, talks, interviews, stories, poetry, sound – listen
  • Reading Lists compiled by
    • Afikra / Maktaba Bookshop – read
    • Bilna’es / The Mosaic Rooms – read
    • Decolonize Palestine – read
    • Decolonize this Space – read
    • Haymarket Books – read
    • Izdihar Afyouni – read
    • RESOLVE Collective / The Mosaic Rooms – read
    • University of California Press – read
    • Verso – read
    • Abolitionist Futures – read
    • ArabLit – read
    • Passages Through Genocide – read
  • Articles by
    • Mohammed El Kurd – read
  • Book discussions by
    • Rashid Khalidi on his book The 100 Years War on Palestinelisten
    • Ariella Aisha Azoulay on her book Potential Historylisten
  • Films
    • Palestine Film Institute PFP Film of the week – watch
  • Online Exhibition
    • Palestine Digital Action Toolkit by Palestinian Feminist Collective – download
    • Black Feminist Writers on Palestinie – watch/listen
  • Podcasts

Resources for children

  • Handala’s Return: A Children’s Story and Workbook – download

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