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Tools for Solidarity

RESOLVE collective present a selection of readings, accompanying their outdoor play installation, Tools for Solidarity, at The Mosaic Rooms, that inform their practice and research interests.

Reading List:

Informative Readings:


. Radical Help: How we can remake the relationships between us and revolutionise the welfare state by Hilary Cottam
. Maintenance & Care by Shannon Mattern
. Scale as Problem, Architecture as Trap by Adrian Lahoud
. Why Materials Matter: Responsible Design for a Better World by Septal Solanki
. My Soul Has Grown Deep: Black Art from the American South, edited by Cheryl Finley, Randall R. Griffey, Amelia Peck, and Darryl Pinckney
. Architecture of Appropriation: Squatting as Spacial Practice, edited by René Boer, Marina Otero Verzier, Katía Truijen
. Make Some Space: Tuning Into Total Refreshment Centre by Emma Warren
. EN MAS’: Carnival and Performance Art of the Caribbean, edited by Clarie Tancons and Krista Thompson
. “We are in a time of new suns” by adrienne maree brown

Tools / Environment

. Tools: Making Things Around the World by Hubert Comte
. Gesture and Speech: André Leroi-Gourhan’s theory of the co-evolution of manual and intellectual activities by Mary Copple
. Thinking Like A Mall: Environmental Philosophy After The End of Nature by Steven Vogel
. “A Future Named ‘Ayiti’: Thinking Decolonial Ecologies from the Caribbean World” by Malcom Ferdinand, in The Funambulist Magazine, Issue 35: Decolonial Ecologies
. “Novel and History, Plot and Plantation” by Sylvia Wynter


. Institutional Ethnography as Practice, edited by Dorothy E. Smith
. The Black Skyscraper: Architecture and the Perception of Race by Adrienne Brown
. “The Institution as an Ideology” by Yazan Khalili
. “Plantation Futures” by Katherine McKitterick
. “Complete and Austere Institutions”, in Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison by Michel Foucault

Some of our selected publications:

. In The Margins: The Spatial Influence of the Caribbean Diaspora
. The Institute, in BREAK // LINE
. Going Banana, Becoming Plantain, in The Funambulist, Issue 31: Politics of Food
. Deconstructing Architectures of Separation, in Archifutures Vol.5: Apocalypse
. RESOLVE Het Nieuwe Instituut Interview: Infrastructural Institutions
. What If We Turned On Terms?
. The Fold: Reading Artefacts of Institutional Topology, in Ardeth, Issue #8
. A Collective Resolve, in Stuart Papers, Issue 0

The Ecology:

. Skin Deep – Is This The End?
. Stuart Archives – Floating Margins
. Sound x Advice – Now You Kno w
. OOMK Issue 6
. The Funambulist Issue 46: Questioning Our Solidarities
. Emma Warren – Steam Down: or how things began
. ACV Magazine – Growth
. AFTERPARTI – Issue 1: For The Love of Power
. EYESORE Magazine Issue 5
. Khidr Collective Issue 4: Water

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