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Architectures of Healing. Cure through Sleep, Touch, and Travel


ISBN: 978-9-464202-85-4

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Kyklada Press, 2021
Language: English
Dimensions: 102 x 162 mm

Today, many feel fettered by insomnia, untouchability, and restrictions on movement. Looking for a more holistic approach to bodily and mental health, this book explores architectures and elementary forms of care and healing in different time periods: from the powers of sleep, touch, and travel in Asklepieia, the ancient healing temples for divine dream encounters alleviating the pain of the ailing pilgrim; to the attentiveness carried through the healing touch from the establishment of Byzantine hospitals till our times; to a pilgrimage center in modern-day Lesbos on a personal search for healing from the traumas of war and patriarchy; to the liberating and self-preserving powers of sleep as a healing response to past and current systems of oppression.

Featuring texts by David Bergé, Milica Ivi?, Antigone Samellas, and Valentina Karga.

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