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Vision, Mission and Values

A London audience with a more informed, engaged and critical understanding of the culture and societies of the Arab world and beyond.

Mission Statement

A leading London based non-profit cultural organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary culture from and about the Arab world. This includes

Initiating dialogue and debate about the most pressing social, political and cultural issues in the Arab world and beyond.

Celebrating excellence through a regular public programme including visual arts, design, architecture, literature, film, music, food and current affairs.

Providing an international platform for the arts, particularly new work, away from the commercial pressures of the contemporary market.

Creating opportunities for interaction, collaboration and professional development between artists, collectives and organisations from the Arab world and the UK.

Delivering a high quality learning and engagement programme particularly to marginalised communities and young people in London.


Transparency, independence and freedom of expression

We aim to create a transparent and independent democratic platform for intellectual and artistic exchange between the UK and the Arab world.

Non-party political and non-religious

We believe that public cultural organisations must remain both non-party political and non-religious in order to be as inclusive as possible.

Culture as the source of a rich social conversation

We believe that culture should be exciting and thought- provoking, bold and inspiring, without being restrictive or alienating. As such, culture is vital for a truly rich social conversation to take place.

Artistic excellence and originality

We believe in presenting an innovative, progressive, high-quality programme that aims to reveal and challenge, discover and support, innovate and provoke new ideas and new thinking!

Hospitable and welcoming

We aim to offer a warm and welcoming space for artists and members of the public to engage respectfully, critically and freely in new ideas and open debate.

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