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The Mosaic Rooms 10 Years

Modern Masters and Contemporary Culture from the Arab World and Iran


Raw Queens

Meriem Bennani and Fatima Mazmouz


Tales of the Mother Tongue


25/07/19 7:00 pm

Most Amazigh female warriors are remembered through Morocco’s oral histories and myths. Artist Estabrak Al-Ansari revives their tales in a performance incorporating live painting and film.



1/08/19 7:00 pm

An evening of film shining light on women’s lives in postcolonial Morocco through the lens of Moroccan female filmmakers.

Gnawa London


8/08/19 7:00 pm

Enjoy hypnotic sounds with Gnawa London. Gnawa music, brought to Morocco by formerly enslaved black Africans, is marked by rhythmic guembri (traditional lute) melodies and call and response singing.

Encounters in Gendered Noise


15/08/19 7:00 pm

Sound artist Gilles Aubry presents audio recordings and videos from his research in Morocco exploring gender separation, female representation, resistance and the sounds of women’s daily struggles.

The Most Important Moroccan Feminist You’ve Never Heard Of


21/08/19 7:00 pm

Feminist author Malika Moustadraf gained acclaim before her early death. What is her influence and how did her life as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and chronic illness inform her work?

The Paradox of Creative Constraints


7/09/19 10:00 am
£5.00 – £6.50

What constraints do filmmakers face when they make and distribute films in the Middle East? To what extent are these constraints both harmful and productive? This day of discussions and film screenings explores new insights into cinematic creativity in sites of conflict and crisis.

Anamorphosis: Notes from Palestine

Praneet Soi

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