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Disarming Design – Distance to Gaza


Design: Mamon Ashreteh, Khaled Hourani, The Disarming Design team
Manufacturer: Hebron Glass & Ceramics Factory (PS)
Material: 100% Ceramics
Size: 26.5 cm

“Distance to Gaza” is an homage to artist Khaled Hourani’s art project “The Road to Jerusalem”, where he placed ceramic tiles featuring the distance from different locations to Jerusalem. Together with the International Academy of Art-Palestine, we developed ceramic plates depicting distance markers to Gaza. The plates connect different locations in the world to Gaza, whose borders are locked because of the Israeli siege since 2007. Nevertheless, Gaza remains a pulsating centre for Palestine.

Variants include (subject to availability): Gaza-Paris, Gaza-Gaza, Gaza-Jerusalem, Gaza-Ramallah, Gaza-Brussels, Gaza-Amsterdam, Gaza-Berlin.

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